Borrow money easily without difficulty

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borrow money without effort

Applying for and getting a loan does n't have to be uncomfortable.

No hassle, inconvenience or a lot of effort.

Arranged online within a few minutes and sometimes within 24 hours on your account.

Sounds good? Then read on quickly.

In this article:

The simplest loan

We are referring here to the so-called mini loan. Also called flash credit or micro credit. And especially those last names already hint a bit what kind of product it actually is. After all, it is a form of borrowing that is extremely accessible to request and receive.

It is a FLITS credit because sending the application literally only takes 5 minutes. That's because you hardly have to submit / fill in any paperwork. Only your ID card or passport is enough for documents. So no pay slip or proof of income. Not even a test is done at the BKR in Tiel. You do need a guarantor, but you can also have this arranged for you. The loan application will then be assessed as soon as possible and if all goes well, the money will be in your account within 24 hours.

At the same time, it is also a MICRO credit that you can borrow for a maximum of 12,000 US dollars (minimum 100 US dollars). That is precisely the reason that the conditions are so flexible : the limited amount also reduces the risk for the provider. Who are those providers? There are two in the Netherlands: Money Now and Saldodipje . They have exactly the same conditions so you can decide for yourself which one you choose, it doesn't really matter.

Please note that you also have to pay back this type of loan relatively quickly. Within 15 days to 4 months. So it is really a bridging of a short period, where you preferably already know that in a few weeks you will receive a bonus or your holiday pay or something. So you know for sure that you can pay back. The advantage of the short term is that you only have to pay interest for a short time, because it is high in percentage terms, but therefore somewhat more reasonable in absolute terms.

Some calculation examples:

If you borrow 200 US dollars , you pay this back in one go after 30 days. In addition, you pay a loan interest of $ 0.99

If you borrow a little more, say 400 US dollars , you pay this back as well after 30 days plus a total interest of $ 1.97

With a loan of 600 US dollars you pay a little later, after 45 days. The interest you then owe is $ 7

Last example: you borrow 1200 US dollars . You pay this back in two installments: part after 31 days and the rest after 62 days. The interest that you will be charged in total is $ 10.54

Regular loans

But what if you need more than that 2000 US dollar from a mini loan ? Then you really end up with the “normal” forms of borrowing. In principle, there are only two, namely a personal loan or a revolving credit . In principle, you can take out this for an amount from 2500 US dollars, but that differs a bit per provider. This can amount to 75,000 US dollars or more. Please note that the terms here are much longer and you therefore have to pay interest for much longer. Borrowing money costs money, and in any case never borrow more than you really need.

The characteristics of both loans are quite different, so find out which one best suits your loan goal or preference. But it is useful to find the lowest interest anyway. And above all, compare some quotes from multiple providers and do not immediately say yes to the first offer.

But how do you approach that easily? Without too much effort, of course? Simply online! Below you will find the lowest borrowing rates at the moment. This is live / real time and therefore always up-to-date. Via the links you go to the providers and you can submit your application online. Via “all loan interests” you can also compare more specifically on loan form or purpose, such as only personal loans or, in particular, borrowing for a renovation or car.

Find free loan assistance

Are you feeling a bit dizzy? Do you not know what the best loan is for your purpose? Would you like some help with it? We are not a financial adviser to do this for you, but Credit Group USA is. They help you spot the best loan and the quote is even free and without obligation . So be sure to call in their help because that can save you a lot of money.

They compare providers on price and conditions for you and also look at which loan suits the purpose for which you need the money. It is a big difference if you want to buy a boat or camper with it, or if you want to improve your home or pay off another loan because it has a higher interest than you can currently get on a new credit.

I have difficulty with that

Get money effortlessly without borrowing

Is borrowing not an option after you have read the above information? Or do you not necessarily need the money immediately and do you also need the time to collect it in a different way? Or do you think it is a pity that borrowing money also costs you money? Either way, and its alternatives :

You can easily earn money via the internet . We hear you think I don't think so. But it really is possible. Reliable, without any deposit, investment or risk, even without thinking at all. We give you 6 reliable and proven ways that everyone can use. Even without any technical knowledge about building websites, for example.

And you can earn extra money with that. Yes, just a few hundred US dollars per month . And you can start with that today. Try and combine the different options because then you earn more, you have variety and if you are really good you can even make it your full-time job.