Borrow money without a bank statement

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Is that possible, apply for a loan without having to show how much is in your bank account ?

In other words, without having to show a statement of your account?

Yes you can, but it depends a bit on how much you need.

We list the options for you.

In this article:

100 to 2000 US dollars

The lower the amount you need, the less complicated the application process for a credit. That may seem strange, but is mainly because the risk for the lender decreases the less they have to lend you.

This increases the chance that you can pay the payment (s) and they have less to lose at all , of course. The important limit to remember here is two thousand US dollars. You can apply for a so-called mini loan in the Netherlands up to and including that amount. This is sometimes also called a flash loan or emergency loan .

You do not need to submit a bank statement for such a loan. But you do not have to submit yourself almost certain documents, only a valid ID proof such as an identity card or passport. And you can even borrow money without a BKR check, because they do not.

In the Netherlands there are two providers: Money Now and Saldodipje . By the way, they have exactly the same conditions, so which one you choose makes little difference. The conditions are set by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Because the application is so accessible with hardly any paperwork, you can send it within 5 minutes. After approval, the money will be in your account within 24 hours . All you need is a personal guarantor, but you can also have that arranged for you.

Below we give you some calculation examples for this type of loan. The most important thing to note is that the term of these types of loans is short, namely 1/2 to 4 months. To be precise 15 - 124 days.

This has the advantage that you do not pay interest over a long period, so that it remains relatively low in an absolute sense, although the interest rate is high. On the other hand, you must be able to pay back quickly.

So see these types of credits really as a bridging , where you already know that you can pay back on time because, for example, your holiday pay will be in 3 weeks, but you already want to book that cool trip and therefore need the money.

Suppose you borrow 300 US dollars . Then you have to pay this back after 30 days plus an interest amount of 1.34 US dollars .

If you borrow a little more, such as 600 US dollars , you do not have to pay this off until a little later, namely after 45 days. The interest costs are then 7, - US dollar

With the amount of 1500 US dollars you pay in 3 equal & long terms: after 31 days, 62 days and 93 days. The interest that this costs is then 17.36 US dollars .

Need more than that?

Do you need more money than you can get with a mini loan? Then there are two other options in NL, namely the personal loan or a revolving credit . Please note that you often have to apply for this for at least 2500 US dollars or even more and that you will have to deal with a serious application process including BKR registration test and difficult questions about your income, for example.

The amount that you borrow with this can amount to 75,000 or even more. The main difference is that you are always bound to a longer term. So even if the interest is a lot lower in percentage terms, you often still pay a lot of interest due to the longer period.

They say that borrowing money costs money for a reason, so do not borrow just like that and only if it is really necessary . And if you do this, always request several quotes and go for the best interest because that can make a difference to you!

In the overview below you will find the best interest deals of the moment. This is live / real time. You can click directly to the providers for more information or to request a quote.

Via the button “all loan interests” you can make even more specific comparisons, such as for certain loan types or for loan purposes. Think of borrowing money for a car or renovation. There may still be differences for the costs.

Free help in finding the best loan

A lot of information, maybe too much? Do you like it when someone watches and thinks along with you? Then we would like to refer you to Credit Group USA . They will spot the best loan for you and their offer is free and without obligation . So use them to help you make a good choice.

If only to see if they find a more suitable loan that you have seen yourself. Costs nothing, but can save you a lot of money at the bottom of the line. This also applies to the transfer of a loan.

Don't borrow, but earn

We have already mentioned it, but if you start borrowing money, it will always cost you money. After all, you pay interest. And that does not always have to be necessary. There are also other ways to get money than a loan. Especially if you don't need it immediately, but can also wait a few weeks or months.

Then you can simply save for what you want to buy. But often it does not seem that simple, because for example you have no money left to save? Then you will have to increase your income, but there is a small chance that your boss will just raise your salary because you ask.

One way out is to start earning money via the internet, just online. You only need your mobile or a tablet / laptop and you can get started. And no, this is not dangerous but nowadays very reliable as long as you know where to go.

In the article making money on the internet we tell you which methods work. With that you are guaranteed to earn extra, from a few tens to hundreds or thousands of US dollars. And you don't need any technical knowledge, no investment and there is even no risk of losing money.