Borrow money without a permanent contract

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permanent contract

You want to apply for a loan,

but you do n't have a permanent contract .

Is that possible you ask yourself?

Yes, it just depends:

how much you need and for what ?

We take you into the possibilities.

In this article:

Borrow 100 - 2000 US dollars

Up to and including two thousand US dollars, we speak of a limited amount for a credit or loan. This means that the risk for the provider is also lower. That is why they dare to offer a mini loan , which is sometimes also called a flash loan .

This specific product allows you to borrow such an amount with a short term. The advantage is that due to the relatively lower sums of money, the application process is a lot simpler and faster .

So you only need a valid ID. Would like a personal guarantor, but that can even be arranged for you. No more. No questions about your employment contract, your income, no documents or a lot of papers and no check at the BKR.

The providers that do this are Money Now and Saldodipje . They have completely the same conditions, requirements and rates so it doesn't matter which one you choose.

You should mainly see this as an emergency loan, because applying for it only takes 5 minutes and you can have the money in your account within 24 hours , but at the same time as a bridge for a short period because you have to pay back quickly.

The term is namely 30, 45, 62, 93 or 124 days. You pay back from 62 days or more in installments of 31 days each with equal amounts. But you have to realize that you must be able to pay back again, because otherwise you will only get extra costs in fines and the like, you should not want that.

For example, useful if you now have to have your broken car repaired because you cannot live without it, or if you really need that new equipment for your backpacking adventure from next week. But you do know that, for example, your holiday pay or refund from the tax authorities is already underway.

The secret advantage of this short term is that you also have to pay interest over a shorter period. This may be high in percentage terms, but in absolute terms it is less pricey than a loan with a term of several years. Some calculation examples:

If you borrow 200 US dollars , you pay this off after 30 days. The interest that you will be charged for it is $ 0.99

With a loan of 700 US dollars you pay everything back after 45 days plus an interest of $ 8.10 This is still in 1 term

With 1400 US dollar you do pay back in 3 installments, one after 31 days, one after 62 and the rest after 93. Total interest is $ 16.74 However, you can also choose 4 installments and a total term of 124 days. , but then the interest is a total of $ 20.46

Borrow more

If a mini loan is not enough, then you have two other options in the Netherlands: a personal loan or a revolving credit , both with their own characteristics and benefits.

You will see that the maturities here are longer and the interest rates lower . You can also often only get this loan with a minimum sum of two thousand, but often also 2500 or even five thousand US dollars. There are actually no limits per se, so you can just apply for 50,000 or 75,000.

This also makes the application more difficult , because there are more questions about your work and income because the providers want to estimate how certain it is that you can pay back. They also do a BKR test.

But you really don't need a permanent contract for this, the providers also know that not many people have this and are therefore happy to help. We recommend that you request multiple quotations and see which provider makes the best offer. So not necessarily only with your regular bank such as the Infra Bank or Across Lender.

What kind of contract you have can still decide . A contract that runs for another 2 months is very different from an employment contract for another 12 months. A fixed number of hours is also different from a zero hours contract or borrowing money with a temporary employment contract .

Through the following overview you can see live the best lending rates at the moment. These deals are real time. You can click directly through to the lenders to request the quote or use “all loan interest” to compare even more specifically for specific loan forms or loan purposes, such as borrowing for a renovation or car.

Help in finding a good loan

There are quite a few providers and all kinds of advantages and disadvantages of the different loan forms. Especially if you have a specific purpose for which you want to borrow. That is why it is important to make a good choice, after all, borrowing money costs money and you do not want it to cost you too much unnecessarily.

That's why we suggest you want advice, and you can. Credit Group USA will help you find the right loan for your question, with the lowest interest moreover. And the quotation is free and without obligation. That way you have someone who understands business who can take a look with you and it can only bring you profit.

Don't borrow but ...

We have already mentioned it, but a loan always costs you more money than you earn or save together yourself. Are you sure you need a loan for this? There are also alternatives.

And saving is certainly one of them, but that may not happen that quickly. But that can be done faster if you ensure that you earn a little more. And no you don't have to look for a second job, because you can earn money very well through the internet .

Just in your spare time, from the couch. We give you 44 reliable ways that you can just bring in a few hundred US dollars per month. We have tested them all ourselves and direct you to safe sites where you can go.

You do not need any technical knowledge, you do not have to put in money to get started and therefore you do not take any risks such as with investing in Bitcoins or other things. Simply guaranteed simple extra earnings.

If you are considering investing / investing, read our article the best ways of investing & investing to see which method suits you and / or has enough return to achieve your goal within the foreseeable future.