Borrow money with Temporary Contract / Employment

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If you need a loan, you cannot just get it.

After all, you will receive questions about your situation so that the lender can estimate whether you can pay back.

For this, they look at your work and income , which of course plays a major role.

Not only now, but also towards the future. How long your contract continues for example is important.

But a temporary contract or employment certainly does not have to be a bummer .

It all depends on how much credit you want, and how long it takes you to pay it back.

In this article:

Mini loan up to and including 2000 US dollar

Up to the amount of two thousand US dollars, you are still in a zone in which lenders feel that the risk is relatively low to provide a loan. Simply because the sum of money is not that high. And that means that there are also fewer conditions involved.

For such a mini loan or payday loan as it is also called, you do not have to show anything about your income or employment . In fact, you don't even have to undergo a BKR check and show no documents at all except for proof of identity.

The application will therefore only take you 5 minutes and the money will often be in your bank account within 24 hours. There are two parties that offer this, the online bank Money Now and They have completely the same requirements and conditions, so which one you choose does not really matter.

What you do need is a guarantor, someone who will vouch for you. Your parents, brother, sister, friend or acquaintance. And even if you don't have one, there isn't a man overboard yet, one can also be arranged for you. You can also choose if you prefer not to ask in your personal circle.

Please note that the terms of these loans are always short . 15, 30, 62, 93 or 124 days depending on the amount of the credit. Ideal to collect something urgently now, such as your broken car that you really need or that bill that really can't wait anymore.

But you have to be sure that you can really pay back after those two weeks to four months. So for example with your next salary, holiday pay, or other amount of money that you expect to receive.

Below are a number of calculation examples of the interest costs of a mini loan:

Suppose you borrow 300 US dollars , you pay this off after 15 days plus an interest of 0.74 US dollars

If you need a little more, say 800 US dollar , you pay this off after 45 days and on top of that a total interest of 9.30 US dollar

You can repay the maximum amount of 1500 US dollars in 2 installments of 31 days each. The total interest that you owe is then 13.02 US dollar or the entire term of 62 days. You can also choose 3 installments and a sloped term of 93 days, then you pay 17.36 US dollars in interest.

Everything above that 2000 US dollar

If you exceed those two thousand, a mini loan will no longer work. And it is not the case that you can request two or three of them because that is not possible. Unfortunately. But then there is always the personal loan and revolving credit . Each with their own properties, advantages and disadvantages.

Both loan forms usually start at 2500 or sometimes 5000 US dollars depending on the provider and usually run up to 75,000 US dollars. The term here is longer than the mini loan, but the interest rate is also lower in percentage terms.

Whether the type of contract you have, temporary or not, makes a difference in your application can depend on the type of loan, but certainly also on the provider. Although it is often possible to just get a loan, we recommend that you request multiple quotes so that you can compare them.

We cannot determine for you which type of loan best suits your loan goal, but we can tell you that a lower interest rate is in your favor. That's why you find in the list below the best lending rates live this moment. You can click directly to the providers for more information or request a quote.

You can also compare loans more specifically via 'all loan interest'. For example, for a certain type of loan, or for a specific loan purpose such as borrowing money for a car. Both can make a big difference to the costs you incur on your credit.

Call in an expert

Do you not yet know what exactly you want or should choose? Or which one best suits your goal or wishes? Not surprising, because there is a lot involved in finding the right loan for your question. That is why it can be smart not to do this yourself, but together with an expert .

Credit Group USA is a recognized specialist in finding the right credit for your question. You can request a free quote and then they go to get started. Of course, they are also happy to take out the loan found for you. You will see that they ask just a few more questions, but then you know for sure that you are making a good choice.

And you can at least compare the offer with the interest deal that you have already found yourself. This way you can be doubly sure that you are applying for your loan for the best possible conditions. That saves you a lot of money at the bottom of the line.

Alternative ways to get money

Do not focus on a loan when you need money, that is really not the only way. A way that may offer a quick solution, but at a price tag. Borrowing money also always costs money. After all, you pay interest throughout the term.

If it's worth this to you, fine, and sometimes it's just necessary because you now have to pay or arrange something that can't wait. Or it is such a high amount that you have to save for a very long time, such as a renovation or new car or caravan.

Patient savings is not the only alternative, an important one is making more money. Even if it is just an extra income. Sounds so easy to say, but it is actually much less difficult than you think. You don't have to look for a second job or paper route.

No making money through the internet is the future. We give you several proven and reliable ways in which you can just start earning a few hundred US dollars , starting today. Really.

Just give them a try, we did n't immediately believe it. But you do not need any investment or investment, you do not have to take any risks such as investing and you do not even need technical knowledge to build a website or webshop, for example.