Get money today (without borrowing)

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get money online today

You need money in the short term.

Actually today !

Borrowing money quickly online (without BKR) is not the only option to get it.

Of course that is always a backup ...

But you can still get money today by earning it.

In this article:

1 hour

Earn money in 1 hour

If you want to make money within such a short period of time, there are only a few ways you can do that. Websites where you can earn some extra online often give you a start bonus the moment you register yourself.

So do you have your first US dollars before you start! And these are easy ways of earning without any risk. After that, you still earn $ 500 per month ... not bad.

Complete surveys

In fact, this is the best side income you will find on the internet. Delivers the most, goes faster than the other 2 options below and is actually often fun too. You participate in surveys, questionnaires and surveys of companies about their products and advertisements.

Sometimes you are even allowed to test products or review commercials that are yet to be shown on TV (or not if you slash them). Pretty cool right? It is also useful that you are always informed before each survey how long it will take to participate and what the reward is.

However, make sure that you sign up with the 10 best paid survey sites , the rest is a lot less good and may actually be a waste of your time. You prefer to become a member of all ten, because then you only have more money to earn.

Savings programs

The funny thing about this method is that it is so ridiculously simple. You get money through these sites for things like reading emails, clicking on links & banners and giving likes on social media such as Facebook.

Here too we have compiled a top 10 best savings programs for you. Certainly if you participate at several of these so-called get-paid-to sites, you will be able to click a nice amount together with all those clicks!

Cashback sites

Via these types of sites you can get free money back on your purchases at all kinds of web shops. And not a few, no more than 2000 online stores in the Netherlands, including all major guests such as, Coolblue, Bonprix, Wehkamp and so on.

This cashback can even go up to 15%, but it is often a bit lower (2 to 3%). But you always get this, so also on top of discounts from promotions and current offers. And you don't have to do anything except go to the webshop via a link from the cashback site, so little effort for free money .

And yes, here too we have compiled a list for you with the best cashback sites in the Netherlands to become a member. But tip: it makes little sense here to join multiple sites at the same time because they all work with roughly the same web stores. So just choose the best with the highest discounts, so clear.

You can read why you can get cashback and how it works exactly on our page about earning cashback . From a technical point of view, you can also say that saving with cashback is good.

Money directly into your account

But beware, with the above site you earn money immediately, but it is not immediately in your bank account . Because you first have to collect a minimum amount of often 10 US dollars and then it takes a few days before it is transferred.

Not if you are going to invest, it all goes much faster. But that also means that there is risk involved, because when investing you can also lose your bet. However, the profits are also potentially bigger. It's just as if you dare ... Below are some popular methods:


You know, the Bitcoin and similar coins. The collective name for this is Cryptocurrency or Cryptocurrency in English. You can still invest well in it and benefit from price fluctuations. Before that, how not to actually buy the coins, we explain on our page make money with crypto .

CFD Trading

This way of trading is becoming more and more popular, as it makes it possible to make returns 30 times as hard as with normal stocks or prices. However, the loss can also turn out to be greater. You can read about it on the page about CFD trading .

Binary Options

These were very popular and you probably read enough about them on the net, but don't be fooled this way of investing is no longer allowed today! It turned out to be too risky and almost everyone just lost money. Then rather do CFD.

lots of money

To earn a lot of money

However, you can not describe investing as a way of generating income or making money in the true sense of the word. Because it is always speculating on an increase or decrease of a certain value, and you only earn if you receive a reward for a certain activity, action or service provided.

There are also ways to earn a lot of money in a short time. However, you have to build this up a bit because in fact you just become your own entrepreneur on the internet, but we don't want to deny you these ways!

So you don't earn the first hours or days with it, but the potential is much greater in the long term and there have already been enough people who have now been able to make their work out of this. So no longer a boss, do we also sound good?

Affiliate Marketing

With this method you will advertise products that are not your own, but those of other companies. The great thing is that you can fully focus on good promotion, for example through your blog or YouTube channel.

But how do you get companies for which you can work? On our page about earning money with affiliate marketing we tell you how you can get started immediately for 1600 campaigns in the Netherlands, but also other countries in Europe such as Belgium.

Social media

You certainly have social media, these networks are immensely popular. Think of Facebook, Instagram, but also Youtube and Linkedin. Signing up is free, and then you can suddenly reach millions or billions of people around the world!

You should be able to generate money with that, right? Indeed. Learn more in our article on making money with social media , where you can find the best ways to get started.

Own website

Or maybe even start a website old-school? In any case, it offers the most creative options for building an income. When making money with your own website , we explain all kinds of good methods.

Think of blogging, vlogging, starting a webshop in 30 minutes or even setting up your own comparison site within minutes! Nowadays this is not that difficult at all and technical knowledge is certainly no longer necessary.