Emergency loan without BKR Testing Applications

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emergency loan without BKR assessment

Request an emergency loan without BKR assessment ?

Up to an amount of 2000 US dollar you can go to two providers,

namely Money Now or Saldodipje.nl .

Both offer a so-called mini loan for which they hold the same costs and interest rates.

So what we actually say: it is no matter where you submit your application.

Below you will find more information about the exact conditions and characteristics of this type of credit.

In this article:


Emergency loan?

If you need money urgently and immediately, the regular loans that are allowed in the Netherlands are of no use to you, because those applications take quite a long time . Moreover, that is certainly not possible without BKR check. Read more about this later in this article under the heading "more than 2000 US dollars needed".

Up to and including that amount, however, there is a special type of credit that you can indeed request without BKR and with a very fast application and payment process. This is officially called a loan or payday loan. "Mini" because of the low amount you borrow, and "flash" because of the speed . In short: a good option in case of an emergency or urgency

You can currently only turn to 2 providers for this because all other parties are prohibited by the AFM due to malpractice. Those who are still active, namely Money Now and Saldodipje , can therefore be trusted.

It is also good to know that they both have identical conditions, so for example the same rules, maturities and interest rates, so it really doesn't matter which one you borrow your money from. They are also just as quick with the application and transferring the money to your account.

You can send the application itself within 5 minutes . Just do it online without any documents or papers. All you need to upload is your ID. So that's a piece of cake.

Approving your application is also super fast , partly because there is no BKR assessment involved. This is often arranged the same day, sometimes even within 10 minutes. You must have a guarantor. However, this does not have to be a personal guarantor, but also one that they arrange for you. That is a mini loan without a guarantor .

After your application has been approved, the money will be in your bank account that day or within 24 hours at the latest so that you can do whatever is necessary with it. That is really fast. Please note that you still have to submit the documents about your guarantor within a few days, so do not forget this.

We do recommend that you try to arrange a guarantor yourself, because that will save you costs. It can be anyone who wants to vouch for you when you unexpectedly cannot pay back.

But in any case it is not wise to borrow if you are not sure that you will be able to, so if you know that, your father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, friend or acquaintance will not mind this to do for you. The reason you can have one arranged for a fee is that there are often people who cannot or do not want to ask anyone this.

The terms of an emergency loan are short, only 1 to 4 months. If you want, you can even choose 15 days as the term with a loan of 100 - 300 US dollars. That really makes it a bridge for a short period of time.

The advantage of paying off quickly is that you also pay less interest on the loan amount, so that despite the relatively higher interest rate (7-9 percent) you do not lose much interest in absolute terms . You can see that in the calculation examples below.

Why without BKR testing?

When applying for a mini loan or payday loan, there is therefore no review or check at the BKR (Office Credit Registration in Tiel). The main reason for this is that you actually only borrow a small amount. As a result, the risk for the provider is also much lower.

This makes the application process super easy and simple. And it is handled very quickly. On the other hand, you must have a guarantor, a personal one or one that you pay for. This gives the provider a certain degree of certainty that the money will be returned.

That is also another reason that this check at the BKR is not necessary, because they ensure that they protect themselves in a different way. Of course, it all sounds like a perfect way to borrow money quickly without BKR testing, or borrow money outside of BKR, but always keep thinking about whether borrowing is responsible. The BKR is also there to protect you.

Possible amounts and costs

Below we give some examples of amounts that you can borrow. But you can actually borrow any amount between one hundred and two thousand US dollars as long as it is a multiple of a hundred. For each example, we also show you what the term is and what interest you will have to pay.

Please note that for the duration of 62 days or more, the repayment is made in installments of 31 days each with the same amount. This concerns credits of 1100 US dollar or more.

Loan amount Duration Interest
$ 100 15 days $ 0.25
$ 300 15 days $ 0.74
$ 500 30 days $ 2.47
$ 700 45 days $ 8.10
$ 1,000 45 days $ 11.50
$ 1,200 62 days $ 10.54
$ 1,500 62 days $ 13.02
$ 1,700 93 days $ 19.53
$ 2,000 124 days $ 29.14

Important to know

There are a number of things you should pay attention to with an emergency loan in the form of a mini loan. Of course, as with all types of loans and credits, you will hear the warning "borrowing money costs money". After all, you pay interest. But there are also a few things.

The short duration is an important one, as we have already mentioned. You really have to pay back quickly and do not think that this is going to happen. You really have to be sure that within that period you will receive a sum of money with which you can make repayments.

Think of a refund from the tax authorities, or a bonus or your holiday pay. If you do not pay back, you will only receive fines and you will continue to owe more interest. Moreover, they also knock at your guarantor, which is not always nice to have to explain.

So how convenient it is that with this loan you can already have your money up to four months earlier, you should only see it as bridging a short period. With which you can already do something that is urgent, such as having your car repaired or even replaced because you really need a car. Or to buy a new washing machine because your old one has passed away.

Most important last point is that a guarantor is really needed. And if you don't have one, it is very handy that you can also have it arranged, but keep in mind that this entails costs. This can amount to a few hundred US dollars.

Need more than 2000 US dollars?

Then there are two other options: a personal loan or a revolving credit, the two 'normal' types of loans that we know in the Netherlands. Both with their own characteristics, goals, advantages and disadvantages. It just depends on your situation or purpose of your loan which you can take better, so dive into that.

There are also many more providers of these products, all with very different conditions and also interest and costs. So all the more important to compare them well before making a decision. In the overview below you will find live at which parties you can get these loans with the best interest at the moment. Via the button “all loan interest” you can make many more comparisons for specific desired amounts or just one of both types of loans. But also for certain purposes such as a car loan or a loan.

Whichever you choose, a BKR test will still be done for both types of credit. Nevertheless, this does not have to stop you in the event of a negative registration of certain types of reports, you can still turn to a number of providers to explain your story. But usually not at the major banks (Across Lender, ABN AMRO, OLN Bank and Infra Bank).

Credit Group USA can assist you with this. With a recovery report or registration that is already a few years old , they know exactly which parties are open to provide a loan. And requesting a quote from Krediet Groep is free and without obligation, while as a specialist they will find the best and cheapest loan for you, so just give them a chance.