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Are you looking for lenders without BKR testing in the application process?

For a modest amount of between 100 and 2000 US dollars?

There are certainly two, to be precise:

You can go to Money Now and Saldodipje.nl .

We explain what kind of credit products / loans they offer and what alternative options, if any, are if these parties prove to be insufficient.

In this article:

The lenders

Introducing: Money Now and Saldodipje . Both companies belong behind the scenes to the same listed group of organizations. This concern has a Finnish background and is listed on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt. A large and reliable company.

They want to change banking and become the largest online bank. That works quite well for the time being. One of the things they want to do differently is how people borrow money. It has to be easier and faster.

Responsible , of course, they are not just going to give away money and also not suddenly demand sky-high interest rates because they still have to adhere to rules within a country. And within the Netherlands, the AFM (Financial Markets Authority) keeps a close eye on everything and maximum interest rates have also been set.

Money Now and Saldodipje distinguish themselves even more, on an important point: they offer mini-exercises. These are relatively small loans, they are also called flash loans, with an amount of 100 to 2000 US dollars per loan and a term of 15 days - 4 months. They are the only one in this, no other lender offers this.

And you do not need anything to request this mini loan. No bank statement, no pay slip, actually no paperwork at all except your ID. And, most important in this article: they do not do a BKR review.

This also means that applications only take 5 minutes and you have the money in your account within 24 hours . Sometimes this product is also referred to as emergency loan through that fast application process.

Why a mini loan?

Why is a mini loan so innovative? And why do they dare to provide this without a BKR check? That ultimately boils down to two important characteristics:

1) The mini loan itself is a product with a limited risk . As a new customer you borrow a maximum of 800 US dollars for the first time and then 2000. That does not make a bit of the bank nervous. This only starts with amounts from 5000 US dollars or more.

2) There is of course some security built in. Firstly, you are simply obliged to repay from the contract you conclude and you will simply receive a reminder, fines and collection if you do not repay.

But as an extra, you must also appoint a guarantor , who will act as guarantor for you if you are unable to repay. A personal guarantor is someone you know that you must ask to do this yourself. Think of family, friends and acquaintances.

I do not have a personal guarantor

However, there are cases where it is not possible or desirable for you to appoint a personal guarantor. For example because you don't know many people or because they don't have enough money either. And of course it is also a big step to have to ask this and you do not want it to get in the way of your relationship with family or friends if things unexpectedly go wrong.

Then you can always have Money Now / Savings Hand arrange a guarantor. There are some costs involved, but it does not stop you in any case from getting a loan. n of course they would like to have you as a customer.

Always pay attention, a mini loan is not free and will simply cost you money. Just because it is so easy to get it doesn't mean it is wise. Make sure that you are always sure that you can pay back after the term has expired.

In fact, you should see this loan as a bridging : you already need an amount now because you urgently need to have your car repaired, or your caravan because you are leaving for your holiday camping in France, Spain or Italy next week. But you do know for sure that you can make the payment with your next salary or holiday allowance.

After all, it always concerns a very short term, of 15, 30, 45, 62, 93 or 124 days. Half to four months only. If you do not pay back properly, fines and extra costs will be added quickly or your personal guarantor will be addressed.

Calculation examples

Below in the table we give some examples of amounts that are possible for a mini loan. But you can actually choose any amount between 100 - 2000 US dollar as long as it is a multiple of 100.

You see per amount what the term is and the interest that you will have to pay. Please note that for the duration of 62 days, the repayment is in 2 installments of 31 days each. 93 days in 3 installments and 124 days in 4 installments respectively.

Each term has the same amount to keep it easy and clear. With some amounts, you can still make a choice yourself.

Credit Term Interest
$ 200 15 days $ 0.49
$ 400 30 days $ 1.97
$ 600 45 days $ 7.00
$ 800 45 days $ 9.30
$ 1,000 45 days $ 11.50
$ 1,200 61 days $ 10.54
$ 1,500 93 days $ 17.36
$ 2,000 124 days $ 29.14

I want to borrow more than 2000 US dollars

But what if a mini loan / payday loan is not enough, in other words you need more money than the maximum 2000 US dollars. What then? Then there is no other option than to go for a regular loan such as a personal loan or a revolving credit .

And yes, there is indeed a review at the BKR . But that does not always have to be a problem. Where the large banks often have the strictest rules, there are also providers who want to think along with you.

There is of course a reason that you want to borrow without BKR check. You probably have a report in this register. However, certain providers do not immediately consider every report to be a deal breaker .

This makes recovery reports or very old reports less problematic. Reports by NHG are also often perceived differently. We therefore say knock on a door at a number of providers and submit your story. Not shot is always wrong and you may get through.

In the table below you will at least find the providers with the best (lowest) loan interest at the moment. This is a real-time overview. You can click directly to the providers to request a quote. So always request multiple quotes .

Free advice on finding the best loan

Are you not quite sure what to do with the above information? Or do you just think it's nice when someone with knowledge and expertise here with you is watching? A specialist and expert who helps you make a choice?

Credit Group USA can assist you with this. With a repaired report or registration of several years old , they know exactly which parties are open to grant a credit. And requesting a quote from Krediet Groep is also free of charge and without obligation.