BKR Review Bypassing: all possibilities

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bypass BKR testing

Do you need a loan or credit?

But are you stuck with an existing negative BKR registration?

That does not mean that there are no options left.

We will list them for you.

For example, there are still forms of credit that you can apply for successfully and there are different types of registrations, not all of which need to be an immediate restriction.

In this article:

Borrowing without BKR check

The most likely reason that you want to bypass an assessment at the Credit Registration Office in Tiel is because you have a negative report there, but at the same time you need a new loan.

A credit card, mortgage or private lease car also require a check in the BKR by the provider (and are included in it). But those applications will probably result in a rejection given your negative registration. Even a telephone subscription is now officially a credit and as such is included in this register (from a value of 250 US dollars of the phone).

Yet there are 3 options to still be able to get a loan so that you can get the money you need:

1. Mini loan

You can apply for a loan for an amount of 100 to 2000 US dollars without having to check at the BKR. The parties that offer this ( Money Now and Saldodipje.nl ; with identical conditions and interest rates) do not consider this necessary because the relatively lower amount also reduces the risk for them.

They do require a guarantee. Preferably your own personal guarantor, but otherwise they can also arrange one for you as a service. If you prefer not to ask family or friends for this.

The mini loan is also called flash credit or emergency loan because of its properties:

  • Simple application process, completed in 5 minutes.
  • After approval, money will be in your account the same day or within 24 hours .
  • No documents or papers needed such as payslip or bank statement.
  • Passport, driver's license or ID card is enough.
  • You must live in NL and be 18 years old.
  • Short terms of 1-4 months depending on the amount chosen.
  • You can still choose from a few options of durations.
  • Interest is high in percentage terms at 6-9%
  • But due to the short term, you pay less interest in absolute terms than loans that run for years.
  • You should therefore see it as bridging a short period of which you are sure that you can pay off with, for example, a bonus payment, holiday pay or refund from the tax authorities ...
  • But you already need the money now because your car / fridge / washing machine, for example, needs to be replaced and this cannot wait.

Some calculation examples:

Loan Duration Interest
$ 100, - 15 days
30 days
$ 0.25
$ 0.49
$ 500 30 days $ 2.47
$ 1,100.00 62 days
93 days
124 days
$ 9.61
$ 13.02
$ 15.81
$ 2,000 93 days
124 days
$ 23.25
$ 29.14

For more interest rate examples, visit the site of Saldodipje.nl

2. Specific registrations

If a mini loan is not enough, in other words you need an amount well above 2000 US dollar, you will end up with a “regular credit”, in other words a personal loan or revolving credit in the Netherlands. Now you cannot get it without a BKR review being done in the application.

However, there are different types of negative reports in the BKR, namely: A, H, and 1 to 5. There are providers and banks that would like to discuss certain reports or older reports with you. This also applies to the redemption of a mortgage by NHG. Therefore, do not let yourself be put off and get started to request some quotes, explain your situation.

BKR codes betekenis

In the overview below you will find the best loan interest rates of the moment live, you can request directly online or make even more specific comparisons for a certain loan form or a purpose of your loan such as borrowing for a renovation via “all loan interest”.

Would you rather have a specialist watch? Credit Group USA is an experienced broker. They know which parties want to talk to you in specific situations. Moreover, their quotation is without obligation and costs you nothing.

3. Private loan

This is a nice word for borrowing money from acquaintances, or at least without the intervention of a commercial company or lender. As a rule, you borrow money from family or friends.

The advantage is that you can agree on a lower interest rate, the disadvantage is that you do not want money to come between you. The main topic of arguments in families is money and that is not what you want, is it? Therefore, always record agreements well and make sure that there is no ambiguity in advance.

Alternative ways to get money

Borrowing is not the only option to be able to buy something. Saving is always an option, but you have to postpone your purchase. It may save you the loan interest, but you may not go fast enough. Not even if you have the best savings account with the highest interest or the highest deposit interest in Europe .

Then take a look at ways to make money online via the internet . There are plenty of options to earn extra in addition to your job or household, easily 500 US dollars a month if you put your shoulders to the wheel.

Is borrowing with a BKR registration sensible?

It is important to emphasize that the BKR has an important role. This is not to bully you, but mainly to protect you. The government tries to ensure that you do not borrow an irresponsible amount, which will only cause you deeper problems.

On the other hand, this is of course a protection for authorities themselves against having to incur costs for non-payment or not being able to pay off at all. So it is not for nothing that you have that registration, think carefully whether borrowing (even more) is smart. Borrowing money costs money and you may only make your financial problems worse .

Prevent negative notification

The most important thing to avoid problems is to ensure that you do not get a negative registration. And that means very flatly: ensuring that you pay your repayments on time. And to ensure that you can do this, it is important to only take a loan that is responsible , never borrow too much or without good reason.

A mobile phone subscription, for example, also appears in the register, just like being red at the bank. So not just loans that you request from a bank. For example, you can also choose to pay for your phone separately, take Sim Only or a cheaper phone so that this is not necessary. Or disable the option to be in the red on your checking account so that this does not happen accidentally.

Have registration removed

Preventing a negative report is the ideal picture, but unfortunately not always possible. For example, due to job loss, bankruptcy, accidents where the insurer does not cover and other calamities. And sometimes it's just a forgotten bill.

Not only loans end up in the register, but also credit cards, private lease, telephone subscriptions and shop payment cards such as the Bijenkorf card. And while a positive statement is okay, it can happen that in the event of a misunderstanding, such as a failed direct debit that is forgotten, the report suddenly becomes negative.

However, this has major consequences because you can no longer go to many institutions. And even a restored report will remain in it for another 5 years, even though you have already paid back a long time. Payment problems even remain until they are completely resolved.

The only person who can adjust the notification is the body that created that notification. In other words: the company where you are behind in payments. It is therefore the first step to write to them and ask them to delete or amend the notification. But then it is important that you first clear the arrears, that makes talking easier.

Authorities are also sometimes inclined to cooperate if this is not the case, because they do not want to stop you from applying for a mortgage, for example. So it is always worth a try to engage in conversation.

In the unlikely event that you cannot resolve it , or if you really believe that a registration is unjustified, you can turn to the BKR 's disputes committee itself. You will then have to provide evidence and then the committee can overrule the dispute.

If that doesn't work either, or you are in a hurry (the disputes committee can take months), you can also choose to go to court via summary proceedings. This is more expensive and you need a lawyer.

Source: Het Juridisch Loket