$ 10,000 in Tips to Save Money as a Student

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Are you a student?

And do you want to save money?

We understand that, because as a student you are often not very well off!

And to build up a gigantic student loan at DUO ...

We are going to give you some smart tips to prevent that.

In this article:

Don't save ... but earn extra!

Bland eh? But not all that bad when you consider that we can also give you tips to earn money online as a student . Just hundreds of euros per month extra on your account, easy and fast! Because you can save, but if you don't have much income to start with, you still won't get very far.

So we also have ways for you to earn extra money , such as completing surveys for money , investing in binary options, cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoins) and affiliate marketing with your Facebook.

All you need is a device with internet, so a smartphone, tablet or laptop, for example, and you can increase your income with it. You don't even have to stress that you have to cut back.

Cashback on EVERYTHING!

Okay, back to saving. However, this tip may be somewhere between saving and earning extra. Anyway, with cashback sites you can get up to 15% extra discount at more than 2500 online stores! And yes, also at Bol.com, Zalando, Wehkamp, ​​Coolbue and all those other webshops where you probably already spend a lot of money. That you can get a large part of all those orders back on your account is pretty cool, right?

Please note, you will not receive the discount immediately at checkout, but afterwards via the cashback site. But you can simply transfer that to your bank account. Why this works? Very simple: the site gets a reward when you buy something from their partners, so they share that commission with you so that you keep buying it through them.

And when we say via, we only mean that you have to go to the webshop via a special link, the rest goes without saying. It is therefore not much effort to earn the cashback . You can also install a special toolbar where you even automatically receive a reminder when you can get cashback. You also don't have to memorize those thousands of web shops where you get a discount ..

Save money on groceries

Earlier we talked about food and drink. There is really nothing wrong with eating pizza for your dinner (which you bake on your iron ) and saving the leftovers for breakfast AND lunch for the next day, but we just give you more. Especially a lot of alcoholic pleasure. And maybe some healthy food every now and then?

So ... read our article on how to save on your groceries . There are more than enough ways to do your weekly shopping at the supermarket without breaking all your money. We have collected no fewer than 24 tips for you, which will take you little effort or time to maintain.

Care allowance

Expensive, isn't that health insurance? Even if you have a maximum deductible, it is still a considerable expense. Fortunately, you can often receive health care benefits because you have a low income as a student! Can amount to around a thousand US dollars per year! Get the maximum health care allowance via Zorgoeslag.nl

You get this from the government and you don't have to do anything else. Of course you have to meet a number of conditions such as a not too high income, but there is also a maximum to the assets that you are allowed to own. You must also have a Dutch identity or a valid residence permit and also have a Dutch health insurer.

Housing allowance

We would like to explain this specifically because we think it enriches your student life (or perhaps your entire life) to have lived in rooms. But the rent is quite high, especially if you are looking for housing in the big cities. In Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht it is just not really possible.

But there is good news: you can get housing benefit! In other words, the government pays part of your rent :-) Here you can have it tested whether you are indeed entitled to this.

It can amount to thousands of euros per year. Of course you don't get it just like that and there are conditions. Think of a maximum rent, a maximum income and capital and you must live in an independent home.

The latter means that you have your own front door that can be locked from the inside and outside. You must also have your own toilet, your own kitchen and your own bedroom / living room. These spaces may therefore all not be shared.

Sounds impossible, but there may be inmates… but they count towards the income. Anyway, just let it work out for you .

All saving tips & saving test

So, you've already read our top tips. Time to tell you where you can find those $ 10,000 in saving tips. Well… here you will find all our saving tips … good luck with it!

Or is that too easy? If you don't know where to start, you can just do our simple saving test and you will be done with 15 short yes / no questions.

You have to know for yourself which methods you do or do not use, which depends on your situation and personal preferences.

Why this article?

As a student, you do not have much time to work, because since the student finance has become a loan instead of a gift, you have to graduate a little on time. So neatly follow your lectures and pass your exams! And preferably save a little at the same time.

Still, your student days can be a bit fun, we think, because you can really work your whole life… so there should be some money left for good food and especially drink. And staying in rooms is also fun and good for you, but that is certainly not free. So: extreme savings and preferably a little quickly. And not too complicated because you need your brain for other things.

The unfortunate thing is that most saving tips that you find on the internet are mainly about skimping, i.e. not buying & not doing things because it costs you money. But a night out should be possible, right?

Or just take the cheap version that is of no use to you… like nasty half-liter cans of beer that don't taste like anything or beg for the leftovers from your mother.

Or the trendy consumption ... blég! Decrease, that already sounds negative… chewing on a dry cracker come on! That could be better, right?

Indeed. That is why we have collected a total of more than $ 10,000 in saving tips for you on our site, where you do not have to leave anything! Just smart things where you don't have to notice the difference in quality. And more money to enjoy your free time. And of course, these advice also apply to students and pupils.