Saving Money as a Single: 5 Smart Tips

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save money as a single person

Are you single?

And are you looking for ways to save money ?

Then you have come to the right page!

We would like to give you some tips to help you make ends meet financially.

This is not easy because you have all the costs on your own, such as for your home, car and insurance, while you have to do all of this with just one income .

This means that you sometimes have to make difficult choices and answer difficult questions. For example about how many works? Full-time can prove to be a challenge because you also need a lot of time for other tasks such as those of mother / father if you are a single parent.

This does mean that your salary is also lower, and with that your monthly budget. But your average fixed costs are not ...

Time to give you some smart tips with which you can cut back quickly. Incidentally, we only try to give you advice that you do not have to leave anything behind. Of course, it saves money if you don't go away to an amusement park that day or never get something tasty from the supermarket, but that doesn't make life any better.

That is why our tips focus on things that you can get for less money, but where that does not have to be noticeable in the quality . Can you still do something fun with the money that you have left.

In this article:

The best 5 tips to save money

Tip 1

We start with our very best tip: cashback. Cashback means as much as “money back”, and you may have heard of it before. For example, that you can get money back on a new TV and when you switch to another energy supplier.

But you probably did not know that you can get a refund on all your purchases at more than 2300 online stores ? Including all well-known and large shops such as, Wehkamp, ​​Zalando, Coolblue and AliExpress? Up to 15% and that on top of the current offers and promotions ?

That can save you an incredible amount of money, especially since you can actually buy anything via the internet nowadays. Also saves you time to go to the store. And often online shopping is even smarter because you can compare better between stores and products and delivery is free and fast.

There are several sites where you can become a member for free to be entitled to this cashback , but the best in the Netherlands is Euroclix . So please register there . They are the most reliable from reviews, they work together with the most and largest web shops and give the largest cashback.

Would you like to read more about this topic and learn why you can actually get this free discount? Then take a look at our page about cashback.

Tip 2

Do you have a car but do you find fuel so expensive? The prices for petrol, diesel and LPG are rising again and we notice that in the wallet. While a car is very handy when you are alone.

You probably already refuel at the cheapest petrol stations, but did you know that you can also get a free fuel card from UnitedConsumers that gives an extra discount of 6 cents per liter ? At more than 600 petrol pumps in the Netherlands? This will save you tens to hundreds of US dollars!

Tip 3

Groceries are also such a cost item where you quickly cut back on things that make life a bit more pleasant. A cheese and a wine, or whatever you like, you should be able to get that now and then? That is why we give you 24 tips about saving money on groceries in a special article.

Tip 4

The above expenses are variable. By that we mean that they are not fixed costs, recurring monthly costs. But you probably have a lot of them too!

Think of your TV subscription, internet, landline, mobile phone, gas & light, water, insurance such as your health insurance, rent or mortgage and so on.

You cannot do without these kinds of ongoing costs and you have to pay them every month . Here it is smart to regularly compare providers and prices, because often you can save a lot of money by switching. Certainly if you check this every year again, it makes a big difference. And with an online comparator this is also a piece of cake, we have listed a few for you:

Tip 5

As a single person, you may have less income to pay your bills from, but this lower income means you are more likely to be entitled to rebates and government assistance. For example, you can ask for a waiver of the Municipal Taxes. With Surcharges you can also partly get back two major expenses, namely that for your rent and health insurance.

All our saving tips

Of course these are not all the tips we can give you as this website has hundreds of articles on money matters! To make it easy for you, so that you don't have to read them all, we have put all the tips for you per category in our overview of saving tips. In total you will find almost $ 10,000 in savings.

Earning extra

Another way to get more money financially is to earn extra money. This is easier online than you might think. You can just bring in several hundred dollars per month with simple methods such as completing paid surveys , or join online savings programs where you earn with simple things like clicking on links, giving likes and reading emails.

There are also methods that can generate serious income or even make you rich. But they do entail a little more risk. And whether that is smart as a single person… look for such methods and more information on our page about making money quickly .

When are you single?

You are officially single if you do not have a partner, live alone and provide for your own daily maintenance. This is not the same as single, which only meets the first conditions.

Singles are either still single, divorced or widowed. Certainly now that the number of marriages that break up has increased rapidly in recent years, the group of singles has also grown. This includes the group of single parents