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Is fake ?

No ...

But does it make sense to sign up?

Again no ...

Surveyworld is unfortunately not itself a survey panel or research agency at all , but only a handy website that wants your data to sell it on to the real survey sites.

But there is also good news, because you can also register yourself directly with those sites. Look in the Top 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands & Belgium which yield the most.

In this review:

Pros and cons

There is no reason to believe that they are untrustworthy or fake.

They are not a research agency / survey site themselves, they do not pay you to complete surveys .

They want your data to monetize that by introducing you to the actual survey panels.

You just don't need that, you can register yourself directly with the highest paid survey sites .


This party is actually nothing more than a cunning intermediary, part of e-Bron Marketing Ltd, a company registered in Alphen aan den Rijn. They want your personal information in order to put you in touch with survey panels that pay Surveyworld for it. So they will never pay or reimburse you for anything themselves, but they do want to make money FROM you.

That is their right, because they are not paid for it for nothing. But that can also be done differently, and why don't they promise not to abuse your data by sharing it with others or using it for other purposes (see section on reliability)? And who says they really suggest you the best survey sites where you can earn the most, and not just the ones that pay the best for it?

A shame really, because in theory they could just abuse their position and your data in the future. That's not to say they will, certainly not, but neither are you protected.

How does it work?

You can register with Surveyworld without costs and obligations. As far as nothing wrong with that, it costs you no money and you are not committed to anything. Then they will send you all kinds of things about a survey site where you can earn money. And as soon as you sign up with one of those sites, they get money for it.

Of course all this is their right, because they will certainly make a good profit and that is allowed, but this also means that they always have a certain interest in which survey sites they bring you or not. Because which one is the most lucrative for them, not necessarily the one that benefits you ...?

You can also register yourself with the best survey panels . You can see for yourself which one you like and where you want to participate or not and share your opinion.

If you would like more background information per site, you can also read reviews and experiences with surveys . We have made an extensive review of each site.

How much can you earn?

You can earn a lot of money by completing surveys for money, especially if you sign up for many panels or several hundred euros per month. And of course we're only talking about the highest paying survey panels .

You can find it yourself via the link above, you don't need Surveyworld for that.

Is SurveyWorld Reliable?

We are not going to say that this site is unreliable. There is no reason for that either. It is an official Dutch company with a Ltd legal form and registration in the Chamber of Commerce. They have a privacy statement that takes the GDPR into account, so they won't do very crazy things.

Please note that this privacy statement leaves room to share your data with third parties, and that there is also no defined term for how long they will keep your data. That does n't really suit us , because legally they can get away with a lot. Even if they sell your data or send spam.

Final verdict

Registering doesn't really make sense. You just have another party that has your personal data without actually having a reason for it. Especially because they then bring you to survey sites where you can simply register yourself immediately.

So we'll say it again: here you will find the reliable survey sites for NL & Belgium and you can simply decide for yourself whether and with whom you register or not.