Save money with a vegetable garden - easy & cost-effective

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save with your own vegetable garden

Do you have green fingers?

Do you enjoy growing your own vegetables?

You can not only turn that into a fun hobby , but also save money!

It is not that difficult to create an easy vegetable garden that is also profitable .

In this article we try to explain some basics to get you started.

Also for beginners with your vegetable gardens from the AH (which are actually quite good!).

Yes starting / making / constructing is a job, but it will soon pay for itself!

In addition, it is also good for your health and the environment.

In this article:

Easy vegetable garden

You can start as small as you want and that's why it's fun for beginners. You don't necessarily have to rent a piece of land somewhere or sacrifice your entire yard at home. You can start a small vegetable garden with the most simple methods.

For example a few pots or container in which you have herbs. Especially hard herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme and chives can hardly go wrong. These are perennial, hardy plants that will do very well with just a little love (nutrition and water). This immediately saves a lot, because, strangely enough, herbs are very expensive in the supermarket! If you have them in the garden you can always grab something.

After these types of herbs, there are a number of crops that are also relatively simple. Especially fruit trees with apples, pears and plums yield a lot with little work, and for blackberries and raspberries this is even more true. Vegetables such as bell pepper, tomato, onions, garlic, courgette and carrots can also be grown without too much thought for a good yield. You can grow kilos of vegetables with just a few seeds.

Profitable vegetable garden

It is important to think about which crops you put in your garden, because you ultimately want to make a profit . If you spend more on food, seeds and water to be able to harvest something, than what those same vegetables cost in the store, then it has no financial added value. Although it remains a fun hobby.

We therefore advise you to stay away from the more difficult crops that require a lot of knowledge and expertise, and not to start too quickly with plants that are easily susceptible to diseases.

In that respect too, we recommend that you start with hard herbs and tomatoes and bell pepper. These only have a high yield / yield per m2, and of the tomato and pepper you can even save the seeds yourself for planting again the following year.

You will never have to buy it again! This also applies to garlic, which is also very resistant to disease and is not eaten by snails or lice.

Self-sufficient vegetable garden

Ultimately, the ultimate for a profitable vegetable garden is to be completely self-sufficient. This means that you have to create a closed system in which you can make your own food and collect water.

These are two things you need because you will have to water your crops in the summer, and also always have to provide the soil with new nutrition, otherwise nothing will grow at a certain point.

You can collect water in a rain barrel, which is a simple solution. Making food is a bit more difficult, because you cannot make manure yourself, for example. But you can make your own compost in a compost bin.

You simply throw in all your fruit, vegetables and garden waste and after a few months it will be digested into compost. With this you can sprinkle your garden very nicely so that your soil becomes more fertile again.

How much work is a vegetable garden?

Left or right, a vegetable garden takes work. The plants grow by themselves, but we need attention . We've already talked about nutrition and water, but you will also have to keep weeds away because otherwise your vegetables will be overgrown.

In addition, you are not the only one who likes to eat fresh vegetables, snails and insects also like to eat a snack! If you are unlucky, you will have to work hard to ward it off. Sowing and harvesting every year just takes time. People who think they have “just a vegetable garden” are disappointed.

In addition, working in the vegetable garden also has its advantages. Maybe you just really enjoy doing it? And in any case studies have shown that working in the garden is very good for reducing stress .

In addition, the moment of harvest and the feeling that you are eating something that you have grown yourself in your own garden also gives a pleasant feeling. Finally, if you make that choice, your own vegetable is also completely free of pesticides and completely organic!

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