Saving money with Shopping? Tips for free discount!

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save money with shopping

Do you also enjoy shopping?

But do you also want to watch your money a bit?

Or do you just have to cut back because you also have to pay your fixed costs ?

Then you can of course look for an app to keep track of money, where you have to keep track of all your expenses and then very nervously not dare to spend any more money.

You only get a feeling of guilt, shopping should be fun, right ? Indeed!

That is why we have tips for you with which you can save even while shopping, while you spend money. That is extra enjoyment.

We describe 3 ways for you to achieve this. You can decide for yourself which one you choose. Do know that you can also use all three at the same time for maximum effect:

In this article:

Always and everywhere a discount!

Do you sometimes go shopping in the actual city center or a shopping center? And then shop in all day, shop out? Probably not as often as before , or not at all?

No, nowadays we buy en masse via the internet. Webshops actually sell everything you could want, if not more than you can find in a physical store. There are even more advantages to online shopping:

For example, delivery and return is often free, you can compare products and prices much better and you therefore have to spend less time on peripheral matters such as travel time, finding a parking space or waiting for public transport, walking through the entire city, having something to eat in between. , drink and so on.

However, the biggest advantage of online shopping is still unknown to many people ... Maybe also to you, so we will tell you soon: you can always get an extra discount on everything ... for free!

Yes indeed you read that right: on every order and on every purchase you get money back, up to 15% and then on top of offers , promotions and temporary promotions.

Imagine how crazy a lot of money you can save with this! Whether you buy clothes, accessories, care products, household items, or things to furnish your home: you can easily find a large part of it in your wallet. Without you having to do anything.

What are we talking about? Cashback shopping! There are cashback sites that you can join for free, and without any obligation, that then give you this discount at more than 2000 web shops, including all the big names such as:, Coolbue, AliExpress, Zalando, Wehkamp, ​​Bonprix, OTTO, De Bijenkorf, Nike, Adidas, G-Star, Sarenza, Decathlon, LEVI's, HEMA, Puma, Score, Jeans Center, Superdry, Clarks, Promiss, Musthaves, Jack & Jones and Happy Socks. Just to name a small selection ...

The best cashback site is Euroclix , but be sure to check out our cashback page to learn more about this topic. There you will find all kinds of tips on which you can best apply this and make it extra easy for yourself with an automatic toolbar.

Increase your shopping budget by saving $ 10,000 on other things

Why save on shopping when you can save on other things too? Unfortunately, we still see too often that people skimp on things that make life a little more fun and pleasant . Not surprising because the fastest solution seems to be to stop spending, but that does not always have to be the best way!

We have collected many tips on this website with which you can cut back, but at the same time you do not necessarily have to leave anything. Precisely smart advice that will give you the same but for less. Here you will find all our saving tips in a handy overview, or you can also take our money saving test (checklist).

Such as a cheaper subscription to TV, internet and calls, or a lower price for your energy (light and gas). Or a fuel card that gives a free discount on petrol, diesel and LPG. You don't even have to notice any difference in quality in that. But it does mean you spend less.

And you can simply spend that money in the store . With a nice new shirt or pants, maybe a pair of shoes! Buying new things makes you feel good, why should you deny yourself this?

Extra money to spend: earn extra online easily and quickly.

Instead of bending over backwards to save, which can be quite a challenge in some cases, you can also choose to expand your shopping budget by earning a little extra. Then you don't have to worry at all about what you spend, after all you have earned it specifically for this purpose.

No, we do not mean that you have to take a paper route or stand behind the till or bar at the weekend, but nowadays you can easily earn extra online. Nice and relaxed on the couch or easy chair on a smartphone or tablet. Laptop is also allowed.

We have 8 proven methods for you where you can start even more today . Four of them are very simple, the other four are a bit more difficult but also yield more and faster money:

Earning money easily

Click on the link above to see which ways we recommend to easily earn extra money. Think of several hundred euros per month. Not bad right? And that with, for example , completing paid surveys or online savings programs where you already receive money for reading e-mails and clicking on links.

Make money fast

On this page you will learn methods with which you can bring in a lot in a short time. But money does not grow on a tree: there is also a risk involved. To get started with these ways you will have to invest. In the form of online investing , or in the form of starting your own internet business such as your own website or other affiliate marketing channel .