$ 10,000 Tips about Saving Money in the Household

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save money in the household

How do you save money in the household?

In this article we will teach you with some smart tips to save up to $ 10,000 per year on costs and expenses in your household budget!

An average family in the Netherlands has quite a few cost items. Think of energy, groceries, the car, subscriptions for TV, internet & calling.

Apart from each other, these often still seem fairly small expenses, but if you add them up you will easily arrive at an extremely frightening amount ...

On our saving tips page you will find an overview of all our advice with which you can save those ten thousand US dollars a year, you can also take our handy money saving test . Below is a selection of our favorites that work best.

In this article:

Cashback / free money back

The Dutch are increasingly shopping online. Think of clothing, white goods, groceries and gifts, but also booking your holiday, for example. Unfortunately, few of us know that you can just get a part back on all these orders!

And that completely free too. In addition to current offers and promotions. Up to 15% of your total purchase amount. That saves you just $ 1000 per year!

We are talking about earning cashback . There are special cashback sites where you can register yourself for free, which will then give you this money back at thousands of online stores. Also the shops where you now make all your purchases (and now therefore leave money ). Think of Bol.com, Coolblue, Wehkamp, ​​Bonprix and many more.

You can read why you get this discount and how it works exactly on our page about saving with cashback . We can already tell you that Euroclix is the best casback site in the Netherlands, and that you will also receive $ 2.55 as a gift when you register. So you can also skip reading and sign up directly there ...

Free discount with refueling

All fuels are getting more expensive lately, and this is expected to get worse . Diesel, petrol and LPG. As if your car wasn't expensive enough yet ...

But there is good news. Via UnitedConsumers you can get a free fuel card that gives you a discount at more than 600 affiliated petrol stations. You don't notice it yet at the pump, but at the checkout, 6 cents per liter are suddenly deducted from your bill !

You can read the exact rules and conditions on the site itself, but know that this can just save you $ 150 per year, while you do not have to do any trouble other than just showing your pass.

We have more good tips to save on your car , if you are interested in that.

Cheap energy (gas & light)

Energy costs are one of the larger bills that households in our country have to pay each month. We therefore consume quite a lot of electricity and gas with all our devices.

Reducing your consumption is a good way to reduce those costs, but then you have to change your behavior and sometimes that is not possible. And are you going to keep your children to that?

No, it is much smarter to arrange that you pay a lower price for every kilowatt hour and cubic meter of gas. Then you don't even have to think about it or change your behavior, but you do save!

To do this, we recommend that you compare the prices of the major suppliers in the Netherlands with our energy comparator, and switch immediately as soon as you can get a better deal. Keep an eye on this every year.

Nowadays there is always a switching service, so it is not much trouble , and at the same time your new company often also pays any cancellation fines. And you immediately save almost $ 400 per year!

There are of course more ways to reduce this category, which you can read on our page about saving energy .

Cheap mobile calls

Your mobile phone… you can't really do without it anymore, right? These things can actually do everything nowadays, from taking beautiful photos to super-fast 5G internet. But they are not cheap !

That is why it is very smart to compare the providers here too. Comparing subscriptions can easily save you nearly $ 200 per calendar year. And that for the same phone! Only by choosing a cheaper provider.

It is even cheaper to keep your smartphone a little longer if it still suffices, and to switch to Sim Only. Of course you can also compare sim-only subscriptions on our site. You save not two but three hundred US dollars a year.

Inexpensive TV, internet and landline telephone

A smartphone is important, but the internet is simply a necessity of life nowadays! And TV doesn't get far behind that… But again this isn't free. Especially if you have additional channels, or if you want faster internet than the entry-level variant.

It is then smart to take out an all-in-one subscription and not everything separately from different providers. Then you always get a discount. By the way, it does not have to include internet, TV and telephone, you can also leave things out.

You can also see this in our comparator for TV internet and calling , with which you can compare providers and prices. Take a good look at it, it will save you $ 175 per year.

Switch to another health insurance policy

Comparing health insurers and insurance policies is also a great way to save money. But pay attention to the conditions! You do not want to have the wrong cover, because if you suddenly have to incur costs, you will only be more expensive .

We therefore recommend that you do this comparison through a real expert . That is why we do not have a comparator for this, but we would like to refer you to Zorgkiezer . They are specialists and can advise you well. Ultimately, it can earn you $ 200 per year to dive into this as well.