10 Best Ways: Saving Money on Fixed Charges / Expenses

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save money on fixed costs

How to save money on fixed costs?

We will give you the answer to that question in this article.

We give you smart tips and ways on how you can reduce these costs.

The advantage is that you continuously save money for your household.

So you also benefit in the long term.

In this article:

What are fixed costs again?

Fixed costs are costs that recur every month . Think of subscriptions, insurance, loans, road tax, etc. If you do nothing, you will in fact continue to pay this for eternity. These are not your groceries or other loose expenses.

Saving on these expenses has the advantage that the profit you make also has an effect for a longer period of time , so that the total savings can be large. On the other hand, it is difficult to save on this because you often cannot do without it. But with our tips it becomes a lot easier!

Lower energy bill

One of the biggest fixed costs is energy. Gas and electricity, you use it for everything. For hot water, heating or for cooking. You need electricity for light, but nowadays we have so many more devices that we need all day long. The fridge, freezer, TV, smartphone… and your WiFi needs it too.

The best way to save on this is to find a cheap price for every m3 of gas and kWh of electricity you use. Then the bill will go down automatically! Therefore, make sure that you compare energy suppliers so that you are always among the cheapest . Switching is always completely arranged for you, and it saves you 390 US dollars a year.

In addition to switching, you can do even more to save money on energy. Then it is mainly about reducing your consumption yourself. For example, with all kinds of handy products that you can buy through the energy-saving shop such as energy-efficient lamps, shower heads, standby killers, radiator foil and so on.

You might even think about doing it really thoroughly and insulating your home better. Take a look for free advice and non-binding quotes for floor insulation and cavity wall insulation . Of course you can also purchase solar panels to generate your own electricity!

TV, internet and telephone

Make no mistake about how much you pay for these subscriptions unnoticed. Especially if you want better than the entry-level quality of most providers, because that is slow internet and few interesting television channels.

Fortunately, there are many budget fighters who offer you the same quality at a much lower price. And in any case, it pays to regularly compare subscriptions and switch if you can get a better deal! You often also receive an extra discount and a welcome gift for the first months. Saves you 175 US dollars just like that.

It is smart to combine the products in a subscription with 1 provider, then it is often cheaper. By the way, you don't have to take all three of these products with an all-in-one. For example, if you never use the TV, you don't have to pay for it. By the way, do you still need a landline, everyone has a mobile, right?

Cheap mobile

Yes of course you have a mobile! And it does not cost nothing ... especially if you want a bit of a modern model. Again, it is smart to compare the providers well before you take out a new subscription, or to switch if that is possible. This saves you 180 US dollars.

It is even smarter to take out a SIM only subscription . So a sim card, but not a phone. This is only possible if your old smartphone is still good, of course, and then you save another 140 US dollars!

Health insurance

In the Netherlands you are obliged to take out insurance against possible healthcare costs. But it will cost you a hundred US dollars a month! Of course, you also get something very important in return, because we have one of the best medical care sectors in the world here!

Because it is so important, we recommend that you do not only look at the price, although these can differ considerably per insurer. Therefore, compare with a specialist: Zorgkiezer.nl

By the way, you may be entitled to health care benefits, have you ever looked at that? You can have it checked out for free via Zorgtoeslag.nl

Housing costs

Whether you own a home or rent a home, this is probably the biggest fixed expense that will see you disappear from your account every month. In a rented house you may be able to get rent allowance… whether this is indeed the case, you can have it checked out for free at Huurtoeslag.nl

If you have a mortgage, this is not possible. But with the current low interest rates it can be very attractive to refinance your mortgage. You can have this calculated for free via

More saving tips + money saving test

Do you want to save even more? Or did you already know all the above tips and would you like more advice? Maybe limit your individual expenses in addition to your fixed costs? No problem, on this page you will find an overview of all our saving tips .

However, if you don't know where to start, it might be better to take our handy saving test. With 15 simple yes / no questions you will find out how much you can save.