$ 1,150 Earning money by saving

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earn money by saving

There are tons of ways to save money, but perhaps the most fun of them is by earning it!

What are we talking about? Save with earning cashback.

What that is? Always free money back on almost everything you buy?

Is that possible? Yes, we will teach you that in this article.

In this article:

Always a discount at 2400 web shops, up to 15% on top of offers.

The title actually says it all, but we are happy to explain how this works. There are websites where you can register for free and then always receive a discount at all web stores they work with. We also call this cashback sites .

It is called earning cashback because you do not immediately receive a discount on your order at checkout, but via the cashback site you will receive a part of your order amount back. This is always a percentage of the amount that you have paid.

The beauty of it is that it is calculated on your complete order . So even if it already contains offers and current promotions, it doesn't matter, you get an extra discount on everything with this trick.

The cashback can amount to 15% or more, depending on the agreements with the webshop. You may also get a fixed amount back, for example when purchasing a subscription. You get the best and highest cashback at the best cashback site in the Netherlands: Euroclix .

It is not without reason that this is the best site of its kind, because they work with more than 2400 web stores together, including all the big names such as Bol.com, Zalando, Coolblue, Wehkamp and so on. Basically all stores where you already order now and therefore leave free money if you do not become a member!

That is easily $ 1000 per year or more, because you can buy anything online and certainly at these large web stores nowadays.

Always cheap refueling, 6 cents per liter of money back at the pump.

But of course you can't really buy everything online. One of the examples is fuel for your car. You always buy this at the pump. But oil and gas prices have only been rising again recently, including those of your gas station.

And that makes it more and more expensive to drive a car. Every kilometer you drive costs petrol, diesel or LPG. Wouldn't it be nice if you could also get cashback on that?

Well we have good news for you, you can! UnitedConsumers has a free fuel card for you with which you always get a discount on your refueling. 6 cents per liter!

The great thing is that you can use this fuel card at more than 600 petrol stations in the Netherlands, so there is always one near you where you can fill your tank cheaply.

Please note that this is also really about cashback, so money that you do not get at the checkout but via UnitedConsumers . This just comes back to your bank account, so it doesn't matter. It easily goes up to $ 150 per year.

Free income with allowances for rent and care.

An alternative way of receiving cashback is surcharges. You will then receive money back from the government for certain costs that you incur. Especially those for rent and health insurance can get a lot of people.

Whether you are entitled to health care allowance can be checked for free via Zorgoeslag.nl . Everyone in the Netherlands is obliged to take out health insurance, but that is quite an expensive joke. That is why the government accommodates people with a low income.

It's a shame if you miss out on this free money, so check if you can get this. Can even be retroactive to last year, you may suddenly have a few thousand US dollars in your account!

Rent allowance can even amount to more than $ 4000 per year and you can also request this for previous years. You can find out whether you are entitled to it for free via huurtoeslag.nl .

You could also be entitled to this if, for example, you are a student living in rooms or already retired and receive AOW. Because there are quite a few rules, it is smart to have this arranged for you professionally.

Saving money test with more than $ 10,000 in tips.

We already think the three tips we give you above are fantastic, but we have a lot more for you! You can still have a lot of money with that. We have collected them all for you in a handy money-saving test .

You only have to answer 15 short yes / no questions to test whether you can still save money. Saving does not have to be difficult, but it is easy and even fun!

In the test, all cost items come back from a normal Dutch household. So in addition to the unloading expenses (underneath you can share webshops and refueling), also all fixed costs that you may want to cut back.