10 Tips to Start Saving Money

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start saving money

Saving money may seem easy ...

But once you have to start it soon turns out that it is quite a difficult job !

After all, there are quite a few costs to save on, and even more ways in which you could do that.

Just try to go through all our tips ...

That is why we discuss 10 tips with you that you must have read!

Thus you can start immediately.

In this article:

1. Haste ...

Seldom is good indeed. We understand that you may be in a difficult situation, it is not without reason that you are looking for ways to save. But by haphazardly cutting your expenses left and right, you may be making choices that will cost you money in the long term! So please don't panic, we will help you as much as possible.

2. Set your goal

First find out how much money you want to keep, or how much you are currently short of. List all costs for this, as well as your income. Per month or year it doesn't matter that much.

That way you know exactly what to aim for. This will give you some peace and direction . Do not worry about the amount of any shortage you currently have, tips will be forthcoming with which you can save more than $ 10,000 per year.

3. Save, cut back or cut back?

We would like to clarify a difference between these terms here. And with that also the objective of this website and our tips. There are many ways to spend less money, but some of them mainly involve stopping to spend anything at all . No more fun things to do, for example.

We don't believe in that, you should still be able to enjoy life. And so sometimes going to the cinema or eating out, for example. If you skimp on that, we think that's a shame . You may know for yourself, but try other ways first.

Cutting back often means that you will settle for less. Lower quality is often indeed cheaper, but that is often not even necessary! Our tips for saving assume that you can get the same quality , just exactly the same product, but for a lower price! We will explain below how that works.

4. Start to cut loans

It is important to improve your financial space that you start by paying off your loans as much as possible. This is simply money that you throw away every month, mainly at interest. If you still have some savings, use this to reduce your loan. This way you win immediately because you reduce recurring costs.

Also reserve an amount in your objective to continue repaying any remaining loan amounts more quickly in the future. If you are considering transferring your loan to a provider with a low interest rate, pay close attention to any fines! Then you are sometimes still more expensive.

5. Avoid unnecessary expenses

They want to avoid skimping as much as possible, but unnecessary expenses are on the other hand out of the question! Magazine subscriptions that you never read, extra TV channels that you never watch and so on ... cancel! Even support for charities, however noble it may be, is better left in times of money shortage.

6. Always a discount on individual expenses, for free!

This is actually the best tip, because you probably did not know that there is a very simple way in which you can always get money back on your individual expenses for free. You can get up to 15% discount in the form of cashback on everything you buy online from thousands of webshops, including the big names such as Bol.com, Coolblue, Wehkamp, ​​Zalando and so on.

In addition to current promotions and offers! All you have to do is join a cashback site for free . At the best Euroclix in the Netherlands you even get a sign-up bonus of $ 2.55. The great thing is that nowadays you can buy almost everything online, so with a discount.

Petrol / diesel / LPG

Unfortunately, you cannot buy petrol (or diesel / LPG) online. But we have a solution for that: you can request a free fuel card from UnitedConsumers that gives you a discount of up to 6 cents per liter on all fuels (including premium) at over 600 petrol stations in the Netherlands. That makes a difference!

7. Fixed costs

Well, you have already made quite a profit, but please do not forget the fixed costs . These are costs that recur every month. If you know how to lower it, you will also benefit from it for a longer period of time , and you only have to work once for that.

You can often get a better price for exactly the same by comparing providers well and switching regularly. The most important are energy , TV, internet and calling , mobile phone or SIM only .

Just click on the links and you will immediately end up in a comparator. Bet you can find a better deal? Switching is very easy with a switch service.

Want to know more to reduce these costs? Then read our article about saving money on fixed costs .

8. Be careful with financial products

Fixed costs are often also financial products. You can't just compare them on price, because you have to pay more attention to what you get in return. Therefore we recommend only specialists here, like Zorgkiezer.nl when it comes to your health insurance or hypotheekoversluiten.com to close your mortgage to lower interest rates. They are accredited financial advisors in this regard.

I can always see if you are entitled to government money here. Rent allowance for your rent, or care allowance for your health insurance. Via huurtoeslag.nl and zorgoeslag.nl respectively, you can have it checked out for you free of charge if you are entitled to it, and then immediately have it applied for you. They are specialists and ensure that you also receive the maximum allowance!

9. All our saving tips per category

If you already have an idea on what you want to save on, take a look at our overview page with saving tips per category . You can find all our advice per type of publication.

10. Convenient money saving test

Not really an idea where to start? Or are you looking for an easy way to get started? Then take our money saving test ! In 15 simple yes / no questions you will find out where you can still save and you can immediately click through to the page or website to arrange that.