Best Way to Save = Avoid Unnecessary Expenses!

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the best way to save money


We don't mean to be hard on yourself.

Or should stop doing or buying nice things.

No angry texts about consuming less that make you feel guilty.

You can also save without having to leave anything.

So keep reading! 😊

In this article:

What are unnecessary expenses?

The answer to this question is actually two-fold. Because, 1) of course it is a shame if you pay for things you do not use, such as that secret continuous subscription to magazine huppeldepup that you never actually read but that you light the barbecue or fireplace. Then please buy firelighters!

But we assume that you will understand this yourself and will therefore consider it yourself if you are going to save. Have we already helped you with this comment? Well, you're welcome.

However, 2) it is also true that you have to pay less for the things you do buy. Yes indeed almost all things that you now see being debited from your account you could actually have purchased cheaper.

In other words ...

You are leaving free money!

Exactly that. How? Doesn't this actually imply that you can get money and not necessarily spend less? Indeed it is. Don't get confused we're going to explain it for you now:

There is such a thing as cashback . Literally translates "money back". Often also referred to as a cashback discount. What it is? You get money back on a purchase. For example, the example that you get 30 US dollars back if you buy a new dryer from Coolblue, or if you switch to a new energy supplier.

The difference with a real discount is that you first have to pay the full amount, and get a refund later. Slightly different concept, still beneficial for you. But there are not that many cashback promotions, do you think?

Miss! You can get cashback on literally anything you can think of! In addition to promotions, promotions and current offers. And we are going to explain that to you right now.

Always (cashback) discount.

Cashback shopping or cashback shopping is often dismissed as a way of making money, but it is actually a form of discount. You have to spend money first so you can't really call it earning, right?

Doesn't matter, at the bottom of the line you keep at least more money in your wallet, shall we just keep it there? But where can you get all this?

Web stores

You can register for free today at a special cashback site and immediately receive a cashback discount at thousands of webshops! Yes, there are also the shops where you already make purchases., Wehkamp, ​​Coolbue, Zalando, Bonprix, HEMA and so on. (Is the comment about free money starting to land?) Oh yes, the discounts go up to 15% ...

And nowadays you can buy everything at these types of web shops, and have them delivered to your home easily, free returns, much better comparing on price and quality, why are you still reading ?! Register now at Euroclix ! Because that is the best cashback site in the Netherlands .

Yes, but wait a minute, why would I just get so much money back, and how exactly does it work? You can read all about this on our page about cashback shopping . There you will also find an overview of all the best cashback sites in the Netherlands.

To fuel

You can also get cashback at the gas station. At over 600 petrol stations in the Netherlands on all fuels. So petrol, diesel, LPG, but also the Premium variants. And all this with a free fuel card from United Consumers . The discount is normally 6 cents per liter compared to the national recommended price, and you always get a guaranteed minimum discount at the pump even if the price happens to be very low at that station.

Fixed costs can always be lower

These are those assassins , the amount that disappears from your account every month without you even realizing it. But in the meantime, the energy price or the amount for your TV and internet subscription has long since risen! And this applies to all your fixed costs .

So keep an eye on it because that is really a shame. You can almost always get exactly the same subscription or service for a lower price once every 1 or 2 years. Often also with a welcome promotion or gift on top (or cashback, there it is again).

Switching therefore pays off. Big time… it doesn't take a lot of work because there is always a switching service and your switching fines are always paid for you. So be sure to check our independent comparators / those of our partner specialists:

Simple Savings Test

Are you feeling a bit dizzy from all those good tips? Sorry! It can also be easier: we have created a simple money saving test for you, in which you can find out exactly how and how much money you can save by answering 15 short yes / no questions.

$ 10,000 in savings tips

All our tips do indeed add up to this fantastic amount, and secretly a little more, but this looks great, right? Therefore. If you already know exactly why you want to save money, you can also use this pleasant overview with saving tips per category. For example, all the tips to save on the car , or to save on energy and reduce housing costs .

Because however you look at it, our tips and advice on this site are also free, but also without obligation. You can decide for yourself which one you want to take to heart and which not. If we have only been able to help you a little, we are already happy. Good luck!