10 x Saving Money at Home

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easily save money at home

Sometimes it is quite a shock how quickly your salary disappears from your account!

But how can you counter that?

Strangely enough, there are quite a few methods for this that are not even that complicated, but quite simple.

You can now do it right at home, easily from the comfort of your home!

However, you cannot just come up with them all yourself. That's why you can just find them here :-)

In this article:

1. Take our smart Money Saving Test!

Of course it is very interesting to read this entire article to the last letter, but you can also make it a bit easy for yourself. Just take our handy money-saving test !

You will then be informed of costs that you can reduce by means of 15 short "yes / no" questions . We will immediately give you a link to the website where you can arrange this immediately. You can immediately set everything in motion and cut back from today.

2. Always a discount on everything!

That sounds unreal, like a dream doesn't it? But that's not it! Unfortunately, many people do not know this yet, but you can really get money back on everything you buy. We also call this cashback .

But how? Well, there are special cashback sites that give you money back on orders at certain web shops. But the better of these websites work together with more than 2,400 web stores, including all the big names such as Bol.com, Wehkamp and Coolblue.

You probably already order things there. And you can really buy everything nowadays! So don't wait any longer and grab this free money! Check out the best cashback site in the Netherlands . You can immediately read why these types of sites actually exist and how they are able to give you that discount again and again.

3. Cheap gasoline (or diesel and LPG)

Petrol is something that you cannot buy online. Maybe by the way, but that is not necessary! You can also get cashback on your fuel with this free fuel card. All types, including the premium versions. The discount is 6 cents per liter compared to the national recommended price, but you always get a discount anyway.

And that will cost you nothing, and is possible at more than 600 petrol stations in the Netherlands, always one near you! You can simply transfer the discount back to your bank account via the organization to participate in other things. In our opinion nice things!

4. Save on gas and light

One of the largest costs / fixed costs for every household. The best way to save money on this is to pay a lower price per KwH of electricity and cubic meters of gas. You do this by comparing the prices of energy suppliers every year.

Can save you hundreds of euros. Switching therefore pays off, and is not difficult at all with the switching service. They even pay for any switching fines for you!

Check out our page about saving money on energy for even more tips on how to reduce your consumption, because that can also bring you a lot of course. Think of solar panels, insulation, saving lamps, shower heads and much more!

5. Pay less for TV, internet and telephone calls

In fact, the same applies here: comparing providers and subscriptions to switch to a better deal can save you a lot of money. Also use our comparator for TV, internet and calling . It is smart to go for a package with multiple products such as all-in-one and not separate providers, because that often gives you (extra) discounts.

6. Mobile calling at a lower price

Comparing mobile phone subscriptions can also yield a lot. And if your current smartphone is still good to go with, Sim Only is even a much cheaper option with which you often get out for less than ten US dollars per month.

7. Switch health insurance

Mandatory insurance, and that's a good thing. Your health is also worth a lot! We therefore do not have our own comparator for this because we believe that you should not only look at price here. That is why we refer you to a specialist Zorgkiezer.nl who can help you with this.

8. Lower your costs for rent and take care of surcharges

You can also partly cover the costs for health insurance with health care allowance. At Zorgoeslag.nl you can find out for free whether you are entitled to it and then request it immediately. Can earn you more than $ 1000! For housing benefit that is even more than $ 4000 per year. Here too you can go for the same service at huurtoeslag.nl

Do you not have a rental but a house for sale ? No problem, because you can also save on your mortgage. For example, you can request free advice or refinancing is a good plan at hypotheekoversluiten.com

9. All saving tips in one overview

In addition to our saving test, we have collected all our saving tips in a handy overview per category. Each category has all kinds of saving tips that you can find so simple. There are quite a few of them.

This overview is especially useful for people who already have an idea on what they want to save, such as on the cost of the car or housing costs .

10. Earning extra instead of saving

Saving or cutting back is a good way to increase your financial options and to keep more money. But the potential is limited , or finite. This often turns out not to be enough to achieve a certain goal, such as being able to save more.

That is why we also recommend that you start earning money from home . Nowadays there are quite a lot of ways in which you can earn money with so-called online homework via the internet, up to hundreds of euros per month!