Save 10 x Money as a (Large) Family

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save money as a large family

How can you save money as a family?

After all, if you have a large household, there are many mouths to feed.

The fact that you are with a lot not only costs extra money, it strangely enough also creates opportunities to save money.

We would like to go through these saving tips with you :-)

In this article:

Before we share our tips with you, let's start with this : We do not want you to take measures that are extreme or drastic, such as having to leave things that make life fun. Think of a day out together, that should be possible!

That is why you will mainly find ways of saving that meet these requirements, and not methods that you can categorize as economising . The latter is namely more skimping, while saving can also be done by having the same but simply paying less for it. May sound impossible or cryptic but read on and you will see what we mean.

1. Smart shopping

When you are a large family, a lot more potatoes have to be peeled. And you turn around and the peanut butter or bread is already gone! In short: you are a wholesale buyer at the local supermarket.

It is therefore clear that your groceries become a larger cost item. Now, however, the fact that you are many also offers opportunities to save. Think of being able to buy larger, stock up on more offers because it will go on anyway, etc. All tips to keep super money in your wallet can be found in our article about saving money on groceries .

2. Free discount at thousands of web shops

Not only do you do more shopping, you also need more things like cleaning products, care products, clothing, gifts and so on. Then it is nice to know that you can get these types of products, which you can purchase very well online, at a considerable discount !

You can get free money back on all your orders at more than 2400 web shops, in addition to the promotions and offers! We call this cashback . And yes, there are also the well-known web stores where you probably now also make all your purchases, such as, Coolblue, Wehkamp, ​​Zalando and so on. Basically, you just leave free money!

Do something about that and register as soon as possible with a cashback site, because that is where you can get this discount. Registration is free. On our page about making cashback money you can read how it works and what the best cashback site in the Netherlands is.

3. Cheap refueling is possible!

Every day you drive past the gas station and you see that the price has changed again for a liter of petrol, diesel or LPG. And no one who seems to have any influence on it ... but you can! With this free fuel card you always get a 6 cent discount compared to the National Advice Price, but also always a guaranteed discount at the pump.

You get this at more than 600 stations in the Netherlands, so there is always one near you. The principle actually works the same as cashback and you save separately. You will not immediately receive it as a discount at checkout, but you can transfer it back to your bank account. Read more on the website of the fuel card how it works and to request it directly.

4. Best price for internet and TV + calling

This is often one of the larger fixed costs . However, there are quite a few providers for this type of telecom packages that do not necessarily differ much in quality, but in price! Therefore, it is smart to at least once per year to compare and, where possible, at a savings to move.

There is always a switching service for that and often as a new customer you also get a half year discount! In addition, it is advisable to combine several products in an all-in-one package because that is cheaper than a separate subscription for internet, television and landline telephone.

5. Economical mobile calling

You can save money on the mobile phone in the same way. Just compare the providers and switch to a better deal. It is even cheaper to use your mobile a little longer and to take out a Sim Only subscription. Also compare Sim Only subscriptions to get the best price here.

6. Lower your energy bill

Running all the laundry during the weekend sounds like a nice tip for a small household, but with a larger household this is impossible! Then you will also have to wash the clothes during peak times of the power. This will cost you more electricity.

But saving on gas and light, there are really many ways! The best is to pay a lower price per kWh or m³ of gas, by comparing energy suppliers (and switching at a lower price!), But there are also many ways to limit your consumption that you can find on our page about save on energy .

7. Pay less for health insurance

Health insurance is mandatory by the government, but it costs you a lot of money every month! Fortunately, they meet this with the care allowance. Not everyone can get it, but you can have it checked for free at to see if you are entitled to it!

In addition, you can also compare health insurance policies very well, but please note that you should not only look at the price but also the coverage. After all, it is about your health. That is why we recommend that you make that comparison through the specialist They know exactly what to look out for.

8. Limit your housing costs

It doesn't matter whether you pay rent or live in an owner-occupied home, there are still ways to cut those costs. For example, on you can find out for free whether you are entitled to rent allowance (which can amount to more than $ 4000 per year! ), And you can also receive free advice to investigate whether it will yield you money to mortgage via the site where you even get a free telephone consultation.

9. More tips worth $ 10,000

We've already given you quite a few tips, haven't we? But this was far from all our advice! Because we have so much information to share with you, we have organized this clearly into categories in this overview with saving tips . In total this can yield you more than ten thousand US dollars!

This overview is especially useful if you already have an idea that you want to save on. If you don't have this yet, you can take our smart money saving test , where we show you by means of only 15 short yes / no questions on which you can still save money with a direct link to the relevant website or organization to arrange immediately!

10. Don't save but earn more!

The annoying thing about saving is that you cannot save more than a certain amount. It will stop once, because you just have to be able to keep living. So if you need more financial space to make ends meet, there is only one thing to do: earn more .

Fortunately, that is also easier than you might think. Nowadays, everything is possible online to earn a little extra. And that can be a few euros, but also hundreds of euros per month or even a complete income! Read more on our page about earning free money via the internet where we exactly aim here and how it works. You will be surprised how simple it can be. This way you already get paid for reading e-mail and giving likes on Facebook!