10 x Saving Money on Subscriptions

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A subscription costs you unnoticed much more than you might think.

It is automatically deducted from your account every month.

Many people even forget which subscriptions they all have.

Therefore, tips on what ways there are to save on this.

In this article:

First, to refresh your memory: a subscription is an ongoing contract with a supplier, whereby you periodically purchase a product or service. Think of the newspaper, a magazine, but also your TV subscription, insurance, etc. For this, a debit is automatically made from your bank account. It is therefore one of your fixed costs .

1. Delete first!

Bet you are still a subscriber to companies for things you don't even notice, let alone use them ... a magazine you never read, an online subscription that is simply deducted every month, that extra TV channel where you have ever watched 1 series or movie, but now you can't even find which channel it was again. Sin!

Our first tips is therefore also to run through the debits from your bank account up to a year ago, then you will automatically find these kinds of forgotten costs that you do not have to make at all. Cancel that trade. Is not necessary for anything.

2. Internet, TV & Calling

One of the more well-known subscriptions is the one on television and your landline. These often go together in a package with the internet. Especially do such a combined service, because a so - called all-in-one package is cheaper.

You can save on this in the first place by not taking too many unnecessary extras. Not too fast internet if you are a regular user. No unnecessary extra premium TV channels. And do you ever use your landline at all?

But especially regularly comparing the prices of suppliers and switching if that makes a difference is very lucrative. When you switch, you often receive gifts and temporary price reductions as a new customer. You can compare the latest prices and offers with us:

3. Mobile phone

Smartphones don't cost nothing. Now those costs are usually included in your subscription . This means that the purchase costs are not too bad, but you do pay more every month. So if you are going to pick out a new phone, it is very smart to compare prices here too, you can save ten euros per month! You can directly compare mobile subscriptions here. Also try to estimate as realistically as possible how many minutes and MBs you need, too much is a shame if you never use it up.

4. Sim Only

Your phone often lasts longer than your subscription. It is a shame to immediately purchase a new one if you are still satisfied with the old one. Then a Sim Only is much cheaper. This is possible from a few US dollars per month… you can check. Look here for the best Sim Only deals to compare .

5. Energy (gas and light)

Your contract with the energy supplier is also a continuous agreement. One that is perhaps the most expensive! That is why it is very important to compare the prices of energy every year.

But you can also do much more to save on energy . Think of insulation, solar panels, but also many small adjustments that do not necessarily cost money but save a lot because they reduce your consumption.

6. Lotteries and games of chance

Do you automatically participate in the lottery? Do you ever win something? In principle you always make a loss with a ticket, but the chance that you can win is nice! Compare the odds of winning lotteries in the Netherlands, perhaps you should participate with another one.

7. Health insurance

Health insurance is one of the most expensive costs of every Dutch person, and it is mandatory! You may not even cancel it without taking out a new one… but here too you can take a good look around by comparing health insurance policies. This is ideally possible via Zorgkiezer.nl

We don't have our own comparator here because it is about your health. By this we mean that you have to look further than just the price, but also properly coordinate the conditions and coverage. Moreover, with poor coverage you are only more expensive if you need certain care outside of your premium.

8. Get cashback on closing / switching!

If you are still comparing… via cashback sites you can also compare well AND you get money back when you switch. Often dozens of US dollars and you will receive exclusive offers. Moreover, you also get money back on your purchases at more than 2000 online stores, up to 15% on top of the promotions! Just think how much savings that can yield you.

9. Smart money saving test

Those are a lot of tips! But not all our saving tips yet… so if you want to save even more, you can always take our money saving test . Only takes 15 short questions (yes / no) to find out how you can keep money in your wallet. We immediately add the links to the sites where you can arrange everything directly.

10. All our saving tips for $ 10,000.

You can also take a look at the savings tips overview with all our advice. Here they are classified by category. Especially useful if you already have an idea of ​​which costs you want to reduce. In total this can yield ten thousand US dollars on an annual basis, not surprising, right?