Save money with Cashback Discounts & Promotions

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Are you looking for a great way to save money?

Especially on individual & small expenses at web shops?

Then cashback is the solution for you!

In our opinion it is one of the best ways to spend less "unnecessary" money.

In this article:

How you can always get cashback on everything

Cashback literally means that you get “money back” with a purchase. But few people know that you can get this extra discount on literally every purchase you make! Free even! On top of offers. And it is super simple too.

We are talking about special cashback sites . These are specialists in this field. Everyone can sign up there for free to take advantage of it. They work together with thousands of companies and online stores and offer you cashback discount at all those parties. This can go up to 15%. In addition, they also collect the latest cashback promotions and keep you informed about this.

Also participate and sign up at the best cashback site in NL: Euroclix ! You even immediately receive a starting bonus of $ 2.55 when you register. Below we explain a little more how it works.

Difference between cashback discount & cashback promotions

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but make no mistake there is a big difference! Both are a good way to buy something for less. We explain the difference below which will make it clear how you can use it for yourself.

Cashback discount is an ongoing benefit that you get through the above cashback sites. You always get a percentage or fixed amount back on your purchases from a specific party. Sometimes a different reward is used for each product category. The point, however, is that you can actually shop cheaply at a web store. In addition to current offers and promotions.

Cashback promotions, on the other hand, are a one-off price reduction to get a certain product sold. For example, you sometimes get a few bucks back on white goods as washing machines that a webshop simply wants to get rid of, or you get $ 200 back as a kind of welcome gift when you switch to another energy supplier. Still a nice advantage of course, but you can often not apply these types of promotions to your weekly purchases. But that is why it is again useful to become a member of a good cashback site, because they will keep you informed of the latest promotions.

How much can you save with cashback?

You can of course achieve the most savings with the continuous discount, you understand that by now. So be sure to join a good cashback site ! Preferably the best in the Netherlands: Euroclix . But how much will you end up with this?

Remember that you can get money back at thousands of web shops , for free and on top of existing offers. It also includes all the big names like, Coolblue, Wehkamp, ​​Zalando, Bonprix and so on. At these stores you can actually buy everything nowadays, so you can get that discount on everything you need! On small individual purchases, but also on large things such as booking your summer vacation ...

Moreover, that discount can rise significantly to 15%, but to be fair it is often a bit lower. We dare to claim a realistic estimated 5%. And given that the online market will only continue to grow in the coming years, a normal Dutch person will be able to save an average of $ 1,000 !

Even more saving tips

In our opinion, cashback is the best way to save money because you in fact always keep extra money in your wallet. But there are many more ways you can do that. We have collected a lot of saving tips about this with a total potential saving of $ 10,000 on an annual basis.

The most important starting point is that these are not necessarily ways to cut back or consume less. These are also popular terms but often mean that you have to let things go. Especially things that make life more enjoyable, such as luxury dining, a day out or to the movies. We believe that you should be the last to want to skimp on this! Our tips therefore mainly contain advice on how you can get the same product in a smart way for a lower price, or how you avoid losing free money.

And to make it extra easy to go through all these tips, we've created a money-saving test for you. Here you go through all the costs of a normal Dutch family in just 15 simple questions + you know whether you can reduce them. And then we immediately add a link to the site where you can arrange that directly. Good luck!