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Money Back

Have you ever heard of money back promotions?

For example, 100 US dollars back if you buy this refrigerator now or become our customer this month?

What if we tell you that you can always get a refund on everything you buy?

Maybe save us a thousand US dollars a year!

In this article:

Get money back on everything you buy!

Money back promotions are more numerous than you think, almost all retailers nowadays do it to win customers or to promote products that are news or to sell the things they secretly want to get rid of.

But how do you keep up to date with all those promotions? You can do this by joining a special cashback site ("money back site" in English.) There are plenty of these in the Netherlands, but these are the best cashback sites . The very best that is Euroclix by the way. They send you daily emails with the latest promotions.

But there is more, because these sites not only offer you the one-off promotional discount, but also continuous benefits at their partner web shops. There are often thousands of them, including the big names such as, Coolblue and Wehkamp. We call this a cashback discount:

Money back promotions vs. cashback discount

A money back promotion means that you will receive a one-time amount of money back. On a specific purchase, or on taking out a subscription, for example for energy or your mobile phone.

Cashback discount, on the other hand, means that you will receive a percentage return on all your purchases, over the amount of your total order. That is in addition to the current promotions and offers!

You can get this through the aforementioned cashback sites . They give you this advantage with the online stores they work with, so that you can shop there cheaper. You will receive the discount back through your account afterwards, so not immediately as a discount on the voucher at checkout.

You get this discount because the cashback site also earns money from your purchase. They partly share this premium with you, because then they know that you will continue to make purchases through them. That's how you both win. Smart right?

All you have to do to get the cashback discount is not to surf directly to the webshop, but to do this via a special link that you get from the cashback site. Then the purchase is automatically registered and your discount deducted.

The good cashback sites now even have a toolbar that you can install with which this all goes automatically and you can also go directly to the webshop. An additional advantage: you no longer have to remember all the web shops where you can get cashback, the toolbar knows that for you!

How much money can you get back?

You can have a lot of discussion about this, but we have a number of starting points:

1. First, you see that an average Dutch family is currently spending more and more money through online channels. In 2017, with 12.7 billion US dollar (!), This was already almost 10% of the total retail market. So a very generous $ 1,000 per household per year.

2. If you really want to, you can spend a lot more nowadays via the internet. You can arrange everything online, from your daily groceries to birthday gifts and from furnishing your home to booking your holiday. Just think about how much money you will get back on the latter: getting a few percent back on all your holidays!

3. You should not only do online shopping to get that money back, but it also has advantages in itself: everything is easily delivered at home or at a delivery point. Often for free. Returns are usually also free of charge. In addition to these conveniences, you can also compare prices very well between providers on the internet, which is not just possible if you are already in the store.

4. The percentage you get back varies, but is usually a few percent. At most shops 2-4%, but sometimes much more. To be on the safe side, we charge conservatively with a 3% cashback discount. Add to that the money back promotions and it becomes a nice piggy bank.

Conclusion: With cashback + money back promotions you can really save $ 1,000 per year . And then you don't even have to do your best, because with most cashback sites you just have a toolbar that you can install with which everything goes almost automatically.

Take the money saving test!

What you have read above is just one of many saving tips. We have many more! so much that you can save a total of more than $ 10,000 per year . You can do something fun with that. What you spend it on does not matter that much, you will also get money back :-)

But to have to read all our blog articles now and to find where all the tips are is also not useful. Therefore, you can very easily do our money saving test. In it, we ask you only 15 questions that you only have to answer with yes or no.

This way you will quickly find out where you might be able to save money. And of course you can immediately click through to the correct website or organization to arrange this immediately. So start lowering your costs today.