Saving Money Challenge: do you also want to save $ 10,000?

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We challenge you!

We have tips with which you can potentially save ten thousand US dollars (you read that right: $ 10,000) on an annual basis.

Just by making smart choices, not even by letting things go.

The goal for you is to see how close you can get to that amount.

In this article:

How does the challenge work?

It's actually very simple. There are basically 2 steps in the test:

Step 1:

On this site we give a lot of tips about money, and one of the categories in it is saving money. But there are so many tips that it is a bit unclear to have to go through the whole blog. So we have made a handy and clear checklist in our Money Limiting Test . It can keep thousands of euros in your wallet every year.

We are curious to what amount you can save! Go through the list of advice point by point and apply the cuts that work / apply for you. They are just ways where you smartly pay less for the same thing. So you don't have to keep your hands on it, in fact: you can actually do more with the same money!

Step 2:

Do you incur any other costs outside of our list? Then be honest with yourself to ask yourself if you really need those things ... the newspaper you actually never read, those 6 extra TV channels you never watch or even that extra fast internet where you never see anything. have noticed.

What works well here is to compare the debits from your bank account from the past 3 months. Who plunders your balance every month? What do you spend (too much) money unnoticed?

And don't get us wrong: you shouldn't sit on a piece of wood, hey, life should be fun! Do you think fast internet is important, especially do it . But many people don't even notice at a certain point that certain amounts are deducted from their account every month, while you can also eat out that one extra time in the year. That is what matters to us.

Change your mindset about money

Money is a hate topic. For many people it even has a negative connotation. But why? It doesn't have to hinder you, money makes a lot possible ! Rather, it is a means that enables you to do things in your life that you would like to realize and experience!

So don't try to avoid the subject, but think about it carefully. This will bring you a lot more rest and less stress. Because if you make good choices, you will end up with more money, or at least spend it more on the right things.

Challenge yourself!

Really try to finish the whole savings test, no shortcuts . Yes, financial issues can be complicated and not always fun, but try to keep in mind what you will be doing with the euros you keep in your pocket. An extra vacation? A day at an amusement park with the kids? Whatever you want, but then you should not walk the edges.

It doesn't have to be all in a row or in one day, but it is such a shame to waste money. In the end you only have yourself with that. Do you struggle to switch to a cheaper TV or internet subscription? Not at all! This simply includes a switching service. Applying for housing allowance a hassle? You can also have that done for you. And so on.

Take your time and be critical

Challenging yourself is one thing, but don't go too far either! It shouldn't become an obsession. Stay healthy and eat enough and be able to relax now and then. And that you need that yoga class or that gym subscription, that is part of life.

But on the other hand, you shouldn't get over things too quickly either. It pays to really look for the cheapest supplier for, say, your light and gas. Really sit down and get to the bottom of it. This way you immediately have enough time to enjoy your extra budget for fun things.

Go earn extra

However you turn or turn it, saving or cutting back has a limit. Your income will not increase, you are in fact just smarter with the money you have. So if you want to create even more financial space in addition to all the good savings that we recommend, you have to take a different tack.

In other words: then you have to make sure that you bring in more money! And let us tell you more than enough about that :-) You may not believe it, but it is very simple to make that reality. Just start earning money through the internet .

We have listed several methods for you to choose from. You can decide for yourself which one suits you. Some are really an extra income of a few tens to a few hundred US dollars, such as completing paid surveys , but that is also nice and easy and takes little time. Others you can really make your full-time work, such as earning with affiliate marketing , but then you also have to put in a little more effort.