101 Save more money Tips: Smart Savings

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more money left

Having more money every month means more peace and quiet and opportunities.

You can save more, do more fun things and do not have to think as much about whether you can afford something.

That is why we are going to share all our tips about this!

And there are many, perhaps more than a hundred ...

In this article:

Spend less / save money

We write a lot about money on this site. Not without reason, because money is an important topic in today's society. You cannot live without it, and if you have too little to make ends meet, it causes a lot of stress. That is why we have also written and collected many tips on the subject of saving / cutting back.

But you don't have to find them all together yourself. Use our handy test, or view all our tips categorized by type of release.

1. Economy test

Fortunately, you don't have to go through all of these advice and articles, because we have made a handy summary of them with our Money Saving Test . In it, we go through all the costs that you as a normal Dutch person have to deal with in 15 short “yes / no questions”. We always indicate how you can reduce those costs.

That's always a smart way to spend less on ultimately the same quality. We don't want you to necessarily give up on things to not spend money, because then you will quickly cut back on the things that make life fun. We would rather you have more left over so that you can do more fun things!

2. By category

Where the test is mainly intended for people who do not yet know exactly what they want to save, you may already know that! For example, do you want to spend less on energy (light and gas), or incur less costs on your car? In that case, you should take a look at our page with saving tips per category .

Here you will also find what our saving tips are, but clustered by subject. That is just a bit more effective reading. Just like in the savings test, you can immediately surf to the correct websites and settings to arrange the savings immediately. It's a shame to wait with that, because it costs you unnecessary money!

Earning extra

Where saving is a good way to keep more of the money that comes in, you can also ensure that your income increases. Because then you will in principle also have more left over, even if you do not save anything on your current expenses. Nowadays, making extra money is very nice and easy to achieve via the internet, just at home from your armchair. We divide that into 3 categories:

1. Earning money easily

The simplest ways to make money via the internet are actually an extra income. Just think of a few tens to a few hundred US dollars per month. The advantage is that you hardly have to think about it, and you can simply do it when you want. As long as you have internet on your laptop, tablet or phone.

We are referring to 3 methods here: filling in surveys for money is the best in our opinion, but you can easily combine it with earning cashback and online savings programs . Precisely if you combine them you can bring them in!

2. Make a lot of money

But more is possible than just an extra income. You can also generate a complete income online . Yes, there are even people who make so much money that they started their own business and even became millionaires! But it is not easy, you really have to work a little harder for this, but it pays off.

Again, we recommend 3 methods, whereby making money with affiliate marketing is by far the favorite. But also earning with your own website or earning via social media are interesting to read yourself in. Nowadays it is super simple to create a good website without any technical knowledge.

3. Investing

What you can also earn with is by investing. This is increasingly accessible via online platforms and various apps. This is often (incorrectly) advertised as a way of making money quickly. However, do not forget that investing also involves risk and you can also lose your bet. Or part of it.

You can invest in “traditional” forms such as stocks and funds, but also, for example, in crypto coins such as Bitcoin or the popular CFD trade . Always make sure you use the best investment platform . There the costs are low and the technology helps you to make good investments.

Save challenge

The above tips are also reflected in our savings challenge . That is not without reason, because if you have more left over you can of course spend this on nice things, but it is also very wise to put at least part of it in your savings account!

A financial buffer is intended to cover unforeseen expenses, for example if your refrigerator or washing machine breaks down or you have a major overhaul on the car. In addition, you can also save for a specific purpose, such as your dream car or a great holiday.