Tips to save money: more than $ 10,000 per year!

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tips for saving money

How do I keep money ?!

A question that many people ask themselves when the bill turns out to be almost empty again at the end of the month.

In fact, shortage of money is a major source of stress for many people.

And that is such a shame, because everyone can do enough about it and it is quite easy too!

In this article we will share a lot of tips with you to be able to do that.

In this article:

Free money

The first tip we want to share with you is one that we are really excited about, and for good reason! It is a way to grab free money, yes you read that right, for free!

We are talking here about cashback, or also: “money back”. Maybe you have seen it at a promotion: buy this washing machine / TV / laptop / etc. now and get X amount back! Or even: switch to energy supplier A / B / C and receive 200 US dollar cashback!

These are one-time refunds, but there is also a way to always get this . On all your purchases. Even on top of things that are already in the promotion or offer! Actually always a kind of extra discount. How this is possible?

We also call this phenomenon cashback shopping, or shopping with a cashback discount. There are special websites for that. If you become a member there, you will receive a discount at all online stores that are affiliated. And at most cashback sites, these are thousands of shops.

And at the best cashback site in the Netherlands (that's Euroclix ) there are even 2500, where you get up to 15% back on your orders. In addition to the promotions and current promotions. So discount on discount!

You can read exactly how it works on our page earn money with cashback , but know that becoming a member of Euroclix is free and without obligation . In fact: you immediately earn $ 2.55 as a sign-up bonus! That is a good start, from as little as 10 US dollars you can have your earned money transferred back to your bank account.

Transferring a loan or mortgage

If there is one sin, it is the costs you incur for a current loan. After all, you pay interest on it, borrowing money costs money , you know? It can greatly improve your financial picture if you know how to lower or repay that loan. But that is often difficult.

Yet you can also find another way suits profit, namely by closing the loan or mortgage over. If you can get a lower interest rate, you lower the monthly amount that you have to pay, or you may be able to pay off faster!

To start with mortgages, these are the best tricky financial products. Whether it pays to close depends on many factors, so we recommend that you consult a financial advisor. You can even do this for free via You can submit a free request here and you will also receive a free telephone consultation.

For other loans, you can also engage an expert / specialist, which has been a Credit Spotter in the Netherlands for years. Here too, a quote is free . It is therefore not harmful to apply for it, if only to compare the outcome with your own comparison of loans. You can do this quite easily online. In the widget below you can see the best interest deals of the moment live. Via 'all loan interests' you can compare even more specifically for transferring your existing loan.

Savings test

The above two paragraphs are of course also ways to save, but we have a lot more advice on that! Whether it concerns your fixed costs or individual expenses. So much so that we had to categorize them in our saving tips overview to keep a bit of an overview.

But what might be even more convenient for you to do is our money saving test . This is because with only 15 short yes / no questions you go through all the expenses of a normal average household in the Netherlands and you immediately see how you can reduce them.

Incidentally, they are not tips not to spend money , we do not believe in that. Life has to be fun. Unfortunately, these are often the things that people cut out first when they cut back, such as going out to dinner, a day out or even not on vacation! We want you to smartly save for other things so that you can (continue to) do this.

Extra income with online home work

In addition to spending less, you can of course also ensure that more comes in. Because even then you will have more on balance. But that is not that easy, is it? Should I ask my boss for a raise or something? No, it is not!

These days you can easily earn some extra money yourself . Simply via the internet on your laptop, tablet or phone. This is actually the new way of working from home , as people used to do by doing administration or packing work from home. But the modern ways are much more fun!

We list them for you in our article reliable homework, but you can also use our article earn money via the internet . In fact comes down to the same thing. Think simple things like filling in surveys for money , online savings programs , testing products at home, or reviewing advertisements and websites. This just gives you a few hundred US dollars per month.

But it can be much crazier, because you can also earn a lot more with methods such as affiliate marketing . So much so that you don't even have to keep working for your boss! Does mean that the methods in this category are a bit more difficult and require a bit more work.

You have to know for yourself which way suits your preferences and goals, but we recommend that you try several and even keep doing them side by side. This way you not only ensure that you earn more, but also some variety to keep it more fun.