Spend Less Money Today with Simple Actions

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spend less money through simple actions

It is quite difficult if you do not have enough money to do everything that is needed.

Or when you don't have enough left over for certain things.

That is why it is good to know that you can easily do something about this.

Spend less money through simple actions, where you do not necessarily have to leave anything but ensure that you get exactly the same for a lower amount!

We explain how.

In this article:

Free extra discount on almost everything!

How great would it be if you found a way where you spend less, but can still keep buying the same ? So you don't have to leave anything, but you do have money left over. Which can! It is not without reason that we present this advice to you first, because this is really the best golden tip to spend less money.

We call it Cashback Shopping. Basically it means nothing more than that you can get money back on the things you buy (“cashback” literally means “money back”). But then also up to 15% on purchases at more than 2500 online stores, and you will receive the discount on top of the current offers and promotions.

And not at the least web shops, but really the big names where you now also buy enough, probably: Bol.com, Wehkamp, ​​Coolbue, HEMA, Media Markt, Bonprix, AliExpress, Lidl, De Bijenkorf, Groupon, Body & Fit, Jumbo , Albert Heijn and so on. Even travel agencies such as Booking.com, Neckerman and Oad participate, which means you can save on your holidays.

You probably buy something there, right? So with cashback shopping you can simply get free money back there. And especially if you do your best to buy a lot online instead of in the store, you can really save a lot with it. A normal family in the Netherlands easily makes a profit of $ 1,000 per year.

You can read how it works exactly and why you get all this money back in the first place in our article making money with cashback . But we can tell you that you only need to join a special cashback site to get the discount. Becoming a member is without obligation and free of charge. And at the best cashback site in NL, Euroclix , you even get a starting bonus of $ 1.95 right away.

Refueling with advantage

You can buy almost everything online, so with cashback! Only that is a bit difficult with fuel for your car, motorcycle or scooter ... So petrol / diesel / LPG. But we also have a solution for that. There is a special fuel card from United Consumers available that you can request with which you immediately receive a discount at more than 600 petrol stations throughout the Netherlands.

That discount is 6 cents per liter compared to the national recommended price (LAP). But you always have a guaranteed discount at the pump, even if the price there is lower than the LAP. That is worth it, right? You also get the discount on all types of fuel, even the premium variants thereof! So you can refuel whatever you want.

The principle works just like cashback shopping, so you get the discount back afterwards and not directly at the checkout. So you can save it as an extra piggy bank and do something fun with it! The fuel card itself costs you nothing when you use it , if you fill up with at least 250 liters in 6 months. But almost all of us will achieve that, right?

Lowering fixed costs

Purchases from web shops or refueling, these are both separate expenses. But it is also very smart to take a good look at your fixed costs if you want to spend less money. If you manage to reduce those costs, you will not benefit from it once, but every month it ensures that you have money left over!

Think of lowering your energy consumption, or transferring your subscriptions at lower prices. TV, internet, (mobile) telephone, health insurance, so much is automatically deducted from your bill every month! But you can also cut back on your rent or mortgage. This sometimes seems difficult to change, but it actually isn't.

We have a lot of tips about this for you, but we are not going to cram all of them in this article. We have written a very nice separate blog about it: saving money on fixed costs . Read this carefully and take our tips to heart, this will really save you a lot!

Saving money test

Still reading? Beautiful! We are not there yet! We have many more tips for you to spend less. In fact, we have gathered so much information about this on this site that it is almost impossible for our visitors to sift through all the blogs.

That's why we've brought them all together in our Money Saving Test . In just 15 short yes / no questions you go through all the regular cost items of an average household, and we always refer you to good ways to reduce them.

You can also go straight to the right website or organization to realize those savings. Because why wait, that only costs you money ?! You can have it arranged :-)

In total, you can save more than $ 10,000 on an annual basis with the test. Yes you read that right, ten thousand US dollars a year! And you still don't have to leave anything behind. Our starting point is that when you save money, you should try not to cut corners: because then you often skip the fun things in order to spend nothing.

That's a shame! With our tips, you should have more to do fun things . You have to enjoy life a bit, because you only live once.