Do More with Less Money

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do more with less money

Wouldn't it be great if you could do more for the same money?

Buy more, do fun things, live a wider life?

Which can!

With our tips, you can save up to ten thousand US dollars per year, without having to leave anything ...

In this article:

Pay less for the same

Unfortunately, we often see people who are short of money or even in need of money using the wrong ways to cut their spending. For example , they stop spending, do fun things first and buy the more luxurious groceries, while these are the things that make life pleasant! You shouldn't want to bite the bullet, right?

We want to show that you can get more out of the money you do have in a number of smart ways. Being able to buy more for the same amount , or in other words to buy the same but for a lower price without compromising on quality.

And it is amazing how many methods there are for this, and how simple anyone can actually apply them, today! So we write a lot of tips and blogs about that, such as this article. We hope it helps you, but secretly we know for sure!

Top 3 savings

These are our favorite savings tips that get you more for less.

1. Shop for cashback

What do you say if you now receive an extra discount on absolutely everything you buy? So always, even if an article is already on sale, you will receive an additional discount on top of the promotional price! Rising to 15% and you don't even have to do anything for it? Do you want that? Of course! Who not?

This can be done with cashback shopping. By registering with a so-called cashback site. This is free and without obligation, so you don't have to pay anything and there is no obligation. But those sites do work together with thousands of online stores where you will then get money back on all your orders, cashback discount.

Really think of the large web shops where you probably already buy something regularly , such as, Wehkamp, ​​Groupon, Zalando, Bonprix, OTTO, HEMA, Decathlon,, de Bijenkorf, Body & Fit, AboutYou, BCC, Blokker and much more!

You can read how it works and why you get that free discount on our page about earning money with cashback . The most important thing you should know now is that the best cashback site in the Netherlands is , and that you even receive $ 2.55 as a starting bonus there . They give cashback discounts at approximately 2500 web stores! So sign up there immediately, because just think about how much you can buy via the internet nowadays… and from now on with an extra discount!

2. Refueling with advantage

One of the things you can't buy online is fuel for your car. So diesel, petrol and LPG. But we also have a solution for that so that you can also get cashback on it. There is a special fuel card from Unitedconsumers for that .

This gives you a 6 cent discount per liter compared to the national recommended price, and in any case always 1 cent per liter, even if a petrol station is so cheap. So always saves you a lot of money! And it is also free to use , at more than 600 pumping stations throughout the Netherlands.

3. Compare fixed costs

Fixed costs are typical of those costs that go on and on, and that you actually take for granted. But it is precisely if you manage to reduce these costs that you continue to benefit from it! Many people think this is difficult, but it is not too bad. It is not without reason that we wrote an article about it: saving on fixed costs .

But to lift a tip of the veil: you can apply for rent allowance on rent, transfer your mortgage, you can schedule a free consultation to see what it will save you, and you can save on subscriptions by comparing the providers every year. and switch at a better price. Nowadays there is a switching service everywhere:

Save test

With the above top 3 cuts you can already make a lot of progress. But we have many more saving tips ! And no, you really don't have to sort through all our blog articles for that, because there are so many now, which is not useful.

We've brought them all together in our handy money-saving test . In total, this amounts to more than 10,000 US dollars in savings! We will only ask you 15 short yes / no questions where we will refer you directly to the right website or agency to arrange the savings. So right in the action.

Earning extra

Saving money, or getting more out of the same amount, of course has a maximum stretch . You can never cut back more than what comes in. That is why a good option to get more financial space is also to earn some extra money via the internet . You will be surprised how simple that is nowadays.

The only thing you need is a device with internet. So a phone, laptop or tablet. And then you can earn money by completing surveys, for example, or participate in online savings programs that reward you for all kinds of simple tasks such as reading emails for money.

You can also take it a bit bigger and see if earning money with affiliate marketing is something for you, or start your own website to earn money with it. You can even earn money with your current social media , where you now only put crazy photos of parties or your pet.

Nothing is too crazy, you can easily score a few hundred US dollars a month . But it can even get so crazy that you don't have to work for a boss at all or even become a millionaire ... anything is possible in the world we live in today.