10 Tips for Living Stingy

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tips for living a stingy life

Being stingy means wanting to keep your possessions and assets at all costs.

Avarice has a negative connotation:

Stingy, greedy & greedy.

But you don't have to , as long as you make sure you don't go too far.

There is plenty to save without compromising your enjoyment of life or your image ;-)

In this article:

1. Keep enjoying!

The main message we want to start with is that avarice can quickly get out of hand . Where people do not want to spend anything at all and even let this at the expense of their quality of life, and that of the people around them… that is not necessary at all!

We prefer that you know how to save in such a smart way that you can continue that day at the amusement park. That you can go to the movie in the cinema with the children that they want to see so badly, and that you also go out for dinner on your wedding day without feeling guilty about it ...

At least as long as you don't fall into the “saving trap”, but more on that later.

2. Know what you spend

You want to limit spending (too much) money. Then you first have to find out how much you spend, when and on what . Nowadays, that is very nice to make transparent with internet banking, just check out all your expenses from the past 12 months. Do you also spend a lot of cash? Then keep those receipts to complete the overview.

Now it is only important that you research what you spend your money on. Put it together per category: supermarket, loose expenses, fixed costs, clothing, rent, mortgage and so on. Then you now also know where you can cut back.

3. Recognize what you need (and what you don't)

The best way to start with this is to delete . For example, canceling unnecessary subscriptions, such as that of that magazine that you actually never read, or that extra TV channel that you never watch again. That's just a shame!

But also be honest about the things you want to keep . Or that you cannot cancel, such as health insurance and your telephone subscription. And does it just make you very happy to have an extensive drink on Friday? Don't skimp on that. Then it's your only oppose and will see you in the foreseeable future no longer insists to stick to your budget.

4 . Buy the same for less

Now that you know what you still need, it is time to save on that. Not by scrapping, but by finding those things at a better price . That may seem difficult in advance in many cases, but it is actually not at all.

All your individual expenses, for example. You can get cashback on that. What does that mean? Well, always up to 15% discount on virtually everything , even on top of offers and promotions! Yes it sounds too good to be true, but it really isn't bullshit!

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What you just can't buy at a webshop (right?) Is fuel for your car… so petrol, LPG or diesel . But we have a separate solution for you, namely a handy fuel card that gives you a discount of up to 6 cents per liter. And that on all fuels (including premium) at more than 600 filling stations throughout the Netherlands. And when you use it, it's free too!

5. Save on your fixed costs

Until now it has been about individual expenses, but what about the fixed costs ? They must be very difficult to get down, because they are "fixed" for a reason ?! No, not exactly. We even wrote an article about it in which we go into more detail about this: saving money on fixed costs .

Earns you hundreds of euros, every month! And you only have to dive into it once, that's all. The great thing is that you will notice those savings for years to come because you do not realize them once, but for the long term .

6. Save on groceries

Saving money on groceries is a tricky category. Read this article for specific tips. A lot is possible here, but it is mainly between your ears. And speaking of the mental aspect of stingy living ...

7. Prevent and recognize temptation

You walk into the Albert Heijn or Jumbo to get a quick dinner after work. Then you are hungry… wrong! That goes completely wrong , because you throw everything in your basket or cart. Afterwards you may be disappointed at the checkout or when you come home, and even more so on the scales ...

This is just a small example, but a very clear one when it comes to recognizing and preventing temptation. For example, by shopping only once a week when you are not hungry AND making a neat grocery list in advance, you avoid buying too many or unnecessary things.

And you can translate this into many other things. Know where, when or what you are spending money on too easily and be keen on that. Just knowing where you might be going wrong helps a lot.

8 . The saving trap

And then there is a second important mental victory to be had. A nice metaphor about losing weight fits in with this: you have been eating healthy and exercising throughout the working week, so you allow yourself the weekend to eat unhealthy food. Result: Monday morning you are back to your starting weight! Did you do all that work for free ?

And that is how it works with saving. You worked hard all day and figured out things to lower your fixed costs, so now you have earned that on-demand movie ... DON'T DO IT! Then your work has been (partly) for nothing. You might as well have done nothing.

9. Smart money saving test

A lot of tips have already been passed. And we have even more saving tips ! In total with a value of $ 10,000 per year! That is only so much that it may be a bit much for you to go through everything separately.

That is why we have developed a super clear money saving test in which all those tips come back. Here you go through the most common cost items step by step and we always give you direction on how to reduce them. And of course immediately a link to the website or institution where you can arrange it directly.

10. Pay off or transfer debt (loan or mortgage)

Then again this: if there is really something wrong, it is continuous debts. They cost you a lot of money (interest). So if you are going to live greedily, it is smart to use your first savings as an extra repayment to get off your loans as quickly as possible !

What you can also do is refinance your loan. In the overview below you can find the best loan interest deals of the moment. Via "all loan rates" you can even specifically compare on the transfer of your existing loan.

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