10 x Dealing Economically with Money / Economical Living

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being economical with money

Are you spending too much money (unnoticed)?

And do you want to do something about it?

So that you have more left over , for fun things or to be able to save?

No problem! These tips will help you a lot.

And you don't have to live frugally for that, because we are mainly talking about smart ways in which you can get the same with less money.

In this article:

1. Where does your money go?

If you want to reduce your expenses, you will first have to know where your money is going at all. Just print out your charges for the past few months. You often learn a lot about this!

Do you also spend a lot of cash? Then save all receipts for a while and add them to your overview. Even if it is the smallest edition, it also counts! Especially when you add them up. Because now put all amounts in categories. Subscriptions, fixed costs, individual expenses, groceries, etc. Do you notice things?

2. Delete and streak!

What you will especially notice are the things you pay for, but never use! Such as a magazine that you actually never read, or the gym that you haven't seen inside for months ... and what about those extra TV channels that you actually never watch?

Important step is therefore to cancel all such unnecessary (and nonsensical) costs. So cancel that trade, a line through it! Just look how much you could have cared about this… a shame! And you don't necessarily have to cancel that gym from us because exercising is good for you, but then also go sometime :-)

3. Always (extra) discount

Unfortunately, you will not be able to delete most things, because you just need them . You have to buy clothes, presents for your friends and family and so on. But did you know that you can get up to 15% discount on absolutely everything you buy ? In addition to current offers?

This is called cashback . You can get that discount through so-called cashback shopping / earning , for free! Participation is even without obligation. But you do get this advantage at thousands of web stores, including all webshops where you already shop (and therefore leave free money ). Think of Bol.com, Bonprix, AliExpress, Coolblue, Wehkamp and many more.

At the best cashback site in the Netherlands, Euroclix , you get a cashback discount at nearly 2500 web stores. And upon registration already a $ 2.55 registration bonus! Furthermore, you actually don't have to do anything except surf to the webshop via a personal link. Or you install the Euroclix toolbar, then it is even completely automatic ...

The advantage is huge because nowadays you can buy everything online . Such as the clothing already mentioned, but also electronics, gifts, toys, health products,…, actually everything is right? And then also free and conveniently delivered to your home. We claim that this immediately saves a normal family in the Netherlands 1000 US dollars more.

Unfortunately, what you cannot buy online is fuel for your car or scooter. But there is another solution for that, namely a handy fuel card that gives you a discount of up to 6 cents per liter. On all fuels, so petrol, diesel and LPG, including all premium variants! At over 600 petrol stations in NL. The fuel card is even free to use, so request it immediately.

4. Reduce all your fixed costs

Your fixed costs are all continuous depreciation for, for example, your electricity, gas, water, rent / mortgage, telephone, TV, internet, health insurance, etc. They are often also long-term contracts. It may seem difficult to change this, but it certainly is not.

Read our special and comprehensive article about saving money on fixed costs . There we will walk you through how you can reduce each type of fixed charge by comparing providers and switching.

5. Save energy

Energy is of course one of the fixed costs. But for many households the greatest of all! Therefore a separate paragraph about this. And not just like that, because there are also many more ways to use this more efficiently.

You can read this on our page about saving money on energy . Gas and light can not only be cheaper, you can also ensure that you consume less. Works just as well to lower your energy bill. Or you can even generate your own electricity!

6. Spend less on groceries

Groceries is also an exceptional category. Of course we also wrote our own article about this: saving money on groceries . Here, cutting back is another kind of challenge, because you will have to resist your own impulses when you walk the supermarket.

But we are happy to give you tips about that. Because how often does it happen to you that you already regret at the till when you realize what you have actually thrown on the tape? And how much remorse does this give on the scales a little later? : P

7. Saving money test

We have already given many of our saving tips. But we have more… many more! Because in total we have advice for you to save more than 10,000 US dollars on an annual basis.

But you don't have to browse our entire site, because that is quite a few articles. We have made a very handy money-saving test that includes all the cost items of an average family in the Netherlands. And with all those items we always give you the best way to save on it, plus a link to the site or institution to arrange it directly online.

8. Cheap is expensive

Pay attention to the pitfall that you will spend too little money because you keep your finger on the purse too tight . A common problem is expensive purchase, for example. You think you will be cheaper by buying a worse product, but at the end of the journey it will only be more expensive.

A 6th hand car for example… appears to need a lot of maintenance and as soon as it starts to freeze it stops and you still have to buy an expensive train ticket… or the cheapest fake sports shoes via a Chinese website turn out not to last that long! Don't make that fallacy.

9. Frugal is not the same as stingy!

Another pitfall is to go so far in your thrift that you become stingy. Then it is at the expense of your relationships with the people around you. Make sure that you save so much with our tips that you save money for fun and social things!

10. Or just start earning more ...

Sounds like it's really easy doesn't it? But it really is! Please read our article earning money via the internet , there you will find 6 reliable ways to start earning online yourself from today. From a few tens to hundreds and thousands of euros per month!