3 x Best Online Investment Platform in the Netherlands

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best investment platform online

Do you want to know what the best investment platform is?

Whether you are experienced or a novice investor?

We have selected for you! Not only according to our own review, but also with the opinion of the consumer association, investors and specialists.

You can read the result below.

Disclaimer: Investing has risks. You can lose your investment.

In this article:

best investment platform is binck bank

1. Best platform for stocks and funds

Winner: Binck Bank .

Actually we mean here just the best site for traditional way of / instruments to invest. So stocks and funds, but also bonds, options and ETFs.

It is important to mention that we looked at several aspects in the review here:

  • First, the cost. This concerns the total cost, so both transaction costs and service costs and other matters.
  • Second is the convenience of the tool. Does it work well and is everything easy to manage? Both the internet portal and the mobile app have been taken into account.
  • Third, we look at the investment options. How many instruments and exchanges are accessible?
  • Fourth, we look at support, education and service. Investing is quite complicated and more and more stock markets and investment types are added. It is important that you are helped in this.
  • Finally, we look at the awards and reviews won by the consumer association. Not only are our own findings important, but also investor reviews and research.

The great thing is that Binck Bank scores very well on all these points. You often see that parties are investing heavily in low costs (such as DeGiro), but that should not be at the expense of the other things. It's not just about price, but also about quality . Nice that the costs are low, but if you make a bad investment due to poor tools, service or education, it will cost you a lot more money!

Also take a look at the awards that Binck has all won:

  • Best online asset manager (2x)
  • Best online broker / internet broker (15x since 2008)
  • Most advantageous party with neutral investment portfolio (consumer association)
  • Best option for online investing
  • Most user-friendly investment platform
  • Highest customer satisfaction
  • Best customer service
  • No. 1 “good and cheap investment” (consumer association)

Binck is therefore doing well on all fronts and has won many prizes with it. This specialized and independent investment bank offers several products, but the ones we particularly recommend are Self Investing and Fundcoach:

Self Investing gives you the opportunity to invest yourself in the most important stock exchanges worldwide at low costs and through one of the best platforms with good explanation and education to assist you.

Fundcoach, on the other hand, has a good diversification with investing in funds and ETFs with which you run less risk and investing more "automatically". The costs are also low, with an investment of only $ 20 per month you pay no transaction costs at all !

litebit.eu best platform for crypto investing

2. Best cryptocurrency platform

Winner: Litebit.eu

Cryptocurrency or currency is a separate type of investment, because crypto coins cannot be obtained through traditional and regulated investment around an exchange. It is precisely a concept that bypasses the banks and governments. On the other hand, it is true that there is a lot of security in this market, because there is decentralized control. If you want more information about investing in crypto coins, read our article making money with cryptocurrency .

But: there is a lot to be done about hacking and stealing coins, such as Bitcoin and Ripple. In the beginning, this happened quite often because many (inexperienced) investors entered the market and did not think carefully about safety . This is now almost non-existent.

Another issue with crypto is the lack of transparency in the market. It is global, so there is no monitoring, no regulations. In the beginning, you could only go to vague and shadowy parties in Korea and the Middle East. That is why we think it is important here to go for a Dutch player with support and explanation in your own language.

This is one of the main reasons we recommend Litebit . You can also get a wide range of coins there (now already 60 currencies) with wallets under your own management (safe). Customer service from Rotterdam is available 24/7 and because it is a company in NL, you can also simply pay with iDeal.

NB: we have also written an extra extensive article why we find exactly why they are the best crypto site in our opinion.

plus500 best platform for cfd trading

3. CFD trading

Suggestion: Plus500

Do you not want to invest on the stock market but in CFD? In other words: Contracts for Difference? Read more about this form of investing on our page about CFD Trading . What this means exactly and how it works.

A platform in this category also meets the same list of criteria. However, risk management in particular is an extra dimension here, as is good support and explanation, because CFDs carry a lot of risk and are therefore extra dangerous. On the other hand, you can also make 30x the profit with it. The question is whether you can and want to deal with this.

A big plus here of Plus500 is that they offer a free demo account where you can first practice with this way of investing. Very nice. In addition, they are the largest party in this field, internationally, very strict with regulations and your safety. They have a very nice app and there is a small spread and 0 commissions. Most services are, indeed, free !

Really see CFD as something other than “normal trading”. You never buy the underlying asset with this way of investing. You bet on the price of an instrument, but in fact you don't buy it. The advantage is that you can invest on many more types of prices, varying from the ordinary stock exchanges and shares to crypto, commodities (oil, gold, etc.) and currency (Forex).