Earn money online as a student quickly and easily

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Earning money as a student

Okay so you're a student looking for a way to make some money.

Of course!

Students can use some extra money :-)

That is why we give you 8 ways in which you can do that very smartly via the internet. We have divided these into three categories, namely: easy , high , or quick cash.

You don't have to look for a boring side job behind the till or bar! This is home work that you can do from behind your laptop or telephone.

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Easy to earn extra as a student

These simple methods are most suitable for students and students, because they help you to easily earn a little extra and participation is also free . Please note that it will not make you filthy rich, but an income of a few hundred US dollars a month should still work.

Complete surveys for money

You can participate in paid market research. Simply fill in questionnaires / surveys and you will receive excellent reimbursements. The advantage is that you can enjoy it on the couch, on your phone or tablet. It can even be done on the train or in the lecture hall ... and the earnings can easily add up to $ 300 per month . Especially when you register with the 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands / Belgium. Preferably with several at the same time.

Earn with Cashback

This is actually a no-brainer. You can earn money with the purchases you make at just about any web shop you can think of. How? At the best cashback sites you get up to 15% back on your purchase amount! On top of the current offers! That will earn you at least $ 1000 per year . And participation is free!

Savings programs

This is by-far the simplest way to grab pennies. With savings programs you get a reward for reading e-mail, clicking links, participating in games and much more. Get a small reward, but all those amounts add up quickly! Here too we have a top 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands for you.

Earn from your social media

Your, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts are worth money! And that of all other social media as well. Read the best ways to earn with social media , where you can score a few euros but also big amounts . You can even turn this into your full-time job.

Earn a lot of money as a student

Okay, as a student you may not be able to make a penny sometimes. Earning something like the above is already very nice. But did you know that the founders of (let's say) Facebook and Coolblue also started their company during their study years ? Why not start getting rich now?

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have what it takes to become a marketer? Or are you following a study in economic or business administration? Then you can appreciate this method because you learn a lot from it AND it is a good experience for your CV!

And you already earn nice amounts if you do your best. So it is actually very interesting for all students. What are you doing then? Well, promoting products and services from companies that you get paid for when you sell something. We call this earning with affiliate marketing .

Create your own website

Still the dream of every internet entrepreneur. This is also the way with the most potential. This can become your own business . This can make you a millionaire. But know that it takes time and effort to get that done.

And yet on the other hand it is also easier than you think, because you can have your own webshop ready in half an hour, and create your own comparison site within a few minutes! Read how you can make money with a website , including how to make it without any technical knowledge!

And then earn money quickly?

Well ... how are we going to tell you this. There is no such thing as making money fast ! Not even as a student ... Then we would all have been rich if it was possible to earn a lot in a short time. But then money no longer had any value.

Unfortunately, you see many websites advertising this. And often they talk about ways of investing via the internet. And then they talk about people who earn thousands of euros a month and never have to work again.

Of course there are such lucky ones , but the other 95% of people lose money. Do you think you can be one of those 5% who are not only lucky, but also know what they are doing? Then you should read this, you can try out different ways of investing for free.

Invest online

The fastest way to get big is CFD Trading ... with which you can earn up to 30 times faster than with 'normal stocks'. Wow ...! But don't get greedy, there is a lot involved and certainly also risk. So read our tips very carefully. You can also lose money and you don't want that.

Regular investing on the stock market is also always an option, so shares, options and funds. Then choose the best broker for online investing , which ensures better results. However, do you have limited assets that you can invest? No problem, you can also invest with little money , starting from 10 US dollars!


You know, Bitcoins and stuff ... Had you bought it 15 years ago, your money would have become worth thousands to a million times as much . Bitcoin has now passed that expenential growth, but there are tons of other comparable cryptocoins to earn . We give you the best ways to do this.

Which method do you choose?

You can also have a little fun during your studies ... just studying and being in college and that's not fun either. But where do you get the time? Student finance is no longer a gift but a loan, and accumulating too much debt is also not such a pleasant idea. On the other hand, you can no longer delay your studies too long, because then you will no longer receive a stufie at all and no public transport student card.

So you have to think of something else than spending hours behind the bar in a pub, or doing some boring student job like checking exams. We have therefore collected the above tips for you, because there are alternative ways to make money at home, online via the internet. Smart that you are looking for that and that you ended up on this site! We have collected the best methods for you: the best ways to make a lot of money, and the best ways to easily earn extra money.

Which method suits you best? We recommend that you try and combine several ways, because then you also earn more. Or, for example, you can use easy methods to build up a starting capital with which you can then apply one of the quick ways. In any case, the advantage is that nowadays you can earn unlimited additional income in addition to your student finance, which was not allowed in the past ... that might prevent a part of your future student debt OR you just have more money to make up your study time. Because believe us, now you may not be able to wait to start your working life, but for the next 40 years you would like to go back to the stage of life where you are now.

Indeed: we are actually a bit jealous ... but our student days still consisted entirely of partying, drinking beer (and sometimes learning for an exam!). We hope that you will earn a little more with our tips so that you can do this too. And that you can always buy the latest iPhone! And furnish a thick student room! And maybe you are so successful that you just quit your education and become a millionaire before your 30th, without a diploma, but what difference does that make? We certainly did not succeed ;-)