Cashback on Groceries + Free Promotions

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cashback on groceries

Groceries are typically something that every household spends a lot of money on .

And so many people want to save on this, which makes sense because it is a major cost item.

But it is quite difficult to cut back on this.

And then you often don't buy the delicious things anymore, which is such a shame ...

Fortunately, you can also get free money back on your purchases! And you don't even have to do anything for it ...

We tell you how this works.

In this article:

How can you get a cashback discount on groceries?

By shopping we often mean the purchases you make at the supermarket. The weekly groceries, in fact. But basically groceries are basically everything you buy in a store. That can therefore also go further than just the supermarket. Fortunately, you can also get a cashback discount on that.

The trick is to order it online. At web shops you always get an extra discount through special cashback sites . In addition to offers, promotions and promotions. Supermarkets also participate in this, almost all of them are.

But also all kinds of other large web shops where you probably already buy something often enough. So you actually miss out on free money if you don't join a cashback site like Euroclix . That is immediately the best in the Netherlands.

Registration is not only free and without obligation, you immediately receive a 2.55 US dollar registration bonus. Just give it a try! Then you get up to 15% discount at about 2500 web shops with all well-known names such as, HEMA, Media Markt, AliExpress and so on. And so also the most important supermarkets. Below we describe in detail what benefits you will get there.

Albert Heijn / Etos / Gall & Gall

Did you know that these stores are actually one company? They all fall under the Ahold organization. You can order all three of them online at the same time via 1 webshop, so super easy! Moreover, they also have meal boxes with which you can order your complete dinner including a recipe for several days at once. You no longer have to think about what to eat ...

You will receive a discount of up to 0.5% via Euroclix, excluding possible extra cashback promotions. The exact discount depends on the size of your order. Half a percent doesn't seem like much, but consider that it is free money… and look at how much you spend on the supermarket, chemist and liquor store in a year, then it really is a very serious saving!


At this supermarket you get a fixed amount of 34 cents per order via Euroclix as an extra discount. Delivery is also free when you buy certain promotional products. As a new customer you receive $ 2.38 extra cashback the first time. An additional advantage of JUMBO is that many studies have shown that this is the cheapest supermarket in the Netherlands, which means that you save extra.


At this supermarket you get even higher cashback via Euroclix , namely 34 cents with an order and the first time that is even $ 3.90. They also have an extra fast delivery service that allows you to receive your groceries within 2 hours , useful for unexpected visits, for example.


Lidl is a supermarket that does have a webshop, but they mainly sell things other than food there. Which are therefore not available in the physical store. You get that via Euroclix up to 2.2% extra discount on your purchases, on top of the promotional prices.

And they often sell interesting and unexpected things that you can use for very low prices. Such as toys for Sinterklaas and Christmas, but also complete furnishing of your home, clothing and electrical appliances.


At this supermarket you get the highest cashback discount of all supermarkets via Euroclix : with a 1.4% discount on your order and even 4.9% the first time. That makes a big difference! Here too, you will receive free delivery with the purchase of certain promotional products or you can pick it up at the nearest store. In any case, delivery is free from 70 US dollars.

Extra benefits

The extra discount you get with cashback on your groceries is not even the only plus of ordering online, there are many more!

  • Delivery to your kitchen, you no longer have to lift yourself.
  • So you no longer have to go to the supermarket, which saves you travel costs .
  • And it saves you time, you no longer have to search, pay, etc.
  • You can do your shopping much more clearly from your laptop or tablet. You can immediately keep track of the offers, compare prices and you are less likely to forget something.
  • If you prefer, you can also pick up your groceries yourself, then they are ready for you in the store or at a pick-up point.
  • You won't be tempted to buy things you don't need, as you often do when you walk in the store.
  • If you want to make a recipe you can automatically add those ingredients to your shopping list.
  • Because you don't have to carry around yourself, it is easier to place larger and heavier orders. So if you buy larger , you can save extra.
  • Via Euroclix you can activate an alert that alerts you to additional promotions, discount codes or increased cashback offers. This way you always get the best advantage.