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get by with little money

If you have little money you have to be creative with it.

Because as the old saying goes: you can only spend your money once!

Yet there are ways to create some space in your wallet,

without having to bite on a stick, that is.

In this article:

1. Earning extra

After this many tips follow how you can reduce your costs, but you also can do is ensure that you will earn more. Sounds easy to say, but that is simpler than you may still think.

Earning money via the internet is not only simple nowadays, but also very accessible. You do not need any investment or knowledge . Think of completing online surveys . And you just earn a few hundred US dollars a month with it!

We give you 6 reliable ways, which you can even combine. You can already start today . All you need is an internet connection. Doesn't matter whether it is a phone, tablet or computer.

2. Just pay less

That sounds easy to say, just pay less. But it is really possible! You can get an extra discount on everything you buy at the main webshops in the Netherlands. Free . Up to 15%. In addition to the current offers, even. Sounds too good to be true?

No, it is not. Earning cashback is what this is called. Sites like Euroclix NL / Euroclix Belgium (the best of all) give you those discounts at the web shops they work with. And those are not the least: Bol.com, HEMA, De Bijenkorf, OTTO, Bonprix, AliExpress and so on, more than 2500 web shops where you get this!

Think about how much you already buy online now. And how much money you have lost because you did not know this before… and how much you will save if you buy as much as possible online instead of at the shops in the city? Easily 1000 US dollars a year for an average household!

3. Extra discount with refueling

One of the things that you can not easily buy online is fuel. And we mean petrol, diesel and LPG for your car or scooter. But you can also get cashback on that.

There is a special fuel card that gives you up to 6 cents extra discount per liter, at more than 600 petrol stations throughout the Netherlands. On all fuels, including the premium versions. And as long as you use it, it is only free . That saves you 50 - 150 US dollars on an annual basis.

4. Surcharges from the government

If you have little money available, the government often compensates you financially. This way you can request whether municipal taxes can be waived. But that's not all.

Additionally you for your rent expense under certain conditions, apply for housing allowance (up to 5,000 US dollars per year) and also for your health insurance up to a certain income receive care allowance (up to 1000 US dollars per year). These are both net refunds and can therefore make a big difference. You can find out for free whether you are entitled to it or not, even for last year!

5. Transferring a mortgage or loan

Do you not have a rent but a house for sale? Then of course you will not receive a housing benefit. But you can find out for free whether it is interesting to transfer your mortgage to a lower interest rate.

The same goes for other types of loans, on which you may be able to save. Just take a look at our overview with the best interest deals: Comparing and transferring loans can save you a lot of money. You can make a specific comparison for this via “all loan interest” .

6. Reduce fixed costs

Fixed costs are the largest costs you incur according to rent or mortgage. Many people think that it is difficult to cut back on this because these are continuous contracts with, for example, insurers and other suppliers. But nothing is less true.

Read our article save money on fixed costs . There we will show you how you can reduce it, without having to compromise on the quality of the services you receive. Because here too, good comparing and switching is very attractive.

7. Save on subscriptions

In any case, you should go through all your subscriptions. Is there perhaps a monthly charge for a magazine or newspaper that you never read again, a TV channel that you never watch?

In the article Saving money on subscriptions we discuss even more ways how you can save on these ongoing costs. Just like with fixed costs, the advantage is that you do not save once , but on all your future costs.

8. Cut back on energy

This is one of those categories that we cannot stop talking about. You can save an awful lot of ways on this or so. And that is also good for the environment. Actually, there are too many tips for this.

That's why a separate page about saving money on energy . In addition to switching to a cheaper supplier, also think of using gas and light more efficiently, or investing in (small) modifications to your home to lose less heat or save hot water.

9. Cheaper shopping

This is a dangerous one. Because especially in the supermarket, when you go shopping hungry just before dinner ... yes, then you spend unnoticed and often unwanted too much money on the wrong things. And that won't make your wallet fatter, but your butt will …!

That is why 24 tips for saving on groceries , where you really do not have to apply them all with the same strictness or only eat water and bread. We would like you to save on other things so that you can do the fun things in life (more), such as an evening of wine, but there is still room for profit.

10. Saving money test

That's a lot of good advice, isn't it? Are you feeling a bit dizzy ? Never mind, you can also take a shortcut and take our handy money saving test . With this you step by step go through all the cost items of an average family and we always show you tips on how to reduce them.