Spend 10 x As Little Money As Possible

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spend as little money as possible

It immediately sounds so negative when you say it:

"As little as possible".

As if you have to bite on a piece of wood, lock yourself inside so that you are certainly not tempted to buy something!

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can also make sure that you spend little money in smart ways,

Where you can still enjoy the fun things in life.

Perhaps more than before!

In this article:

1. Discount on everything, always!

That sounds like a dream right? Because then you can get everything cheaper than you are used to now. Must that be an impossible thing? No, it is not! It really can. You can get up to 15% discount on everything you buy online. Extra, so on top of the existing promotions and offers. Free and for nothing.

Earning cashback is what this is called. Special sites that cooperate with web shops give their members a so-called cashback discount at those partner web shops. And do not think that these are all vague and unknown small shops, no, just the big boys such as Bol.com, HEMA, AliExpress, Bonprix, Bijenkorf, OTTO, Groupon, Decathlon and many more. In fact, almost 2500 stores.

The best cashback site is Euroclix NL / Euroclix Belgium . They are the most reliable and give the highest discounts. And more options to save / earn money in addition to cashback, such as taking part in paid surveys and exclusive discounts.

The advantage of this method is that you can actually buy anything online. You can even order your groceries via the internet and have them delivered at home at a discount. With that you can really get everything cheaper. It immediately saves you 1000 US dollars a year without you having to do anything.

2. Discount at the pump

But there is one thing that you can not buy online, namely gasoline for your car. Or diesel and LPG of course. But you can also get an extra discount on that in the form of cashback. For this you can request a special discount (tank) pass that costs nothing if you use it.

With the pass you get a 1 to 6 cent discount on the price at the pump, at more than 600 stations throughout the Netherlands. So you always have an advantage . The discount also applies on premium fuels if you would like to refuel. Just like with cashback, you will receive the discount back into your account afterwards.

3. Save on your health insurance

This insurance is mandatory by the government. Not for nothing, because your health is important! But at the same time, the policies are getting considerably more expensive every year. That is why it pays to compare carefully every year whether you still have the best deal with the right conditions.

Because it is an important but also complicated product that is about your health, we recommend that you only compare it with a specialist who knows a lot about it. ZorgKiezer is that, the best and largest party in NL. Here you will find good health insurance for your situation and you may save a lot of money.

You can also receive health care allowance. But then you have to meet conditions such as your income and living situation. Via Zorgoeslag.nl you can find out for free whether you can get it, quite smart to have this done because it can just earn you 1000 US dollars !

4. Lower your rent

This is the biggest expense for most people. And it may seem impossible, but you can still save on this. For example, you can request a rent reduction from the national rent committee if you think your rent is too high. But that is of course not possible for everyone.

You can also apply for housing allowance. Whether you get this depends on many factors such as your living situation and income. Via Huurtoeslag.nl you can find out for free whether you can get it. And since it saves you 5000 US dollars a year, it is quite worth it!

5. Lower your mortgage

If you do not pay rent but have an owner-occupied home, you pay a mortgage. That is a contract for 30 years. Yet you can still save on that, especially refinancing the mortgage is interesting because interest rates are now low .

Via hyptoheekoversluiten.com you will receive advice and a free telephone consultation to see if this could be of interest to you. This may save you a lot of money, so what's stopping you from having this figured out? Costs nothing!

6. Lower energy bill

Gas and light are becoming increasingly expensive . And you use quite a lot of it! That is why it is important to take a good look at this. For energy, of all cost items, there are by far the most tips and tricks to be able to save.

You can read all of them on our page saving money on energy . From switching to the cheapest energy supplier to making small adjustments to your home to consume less, you can get started!

7. Save on fixed costs

Fixed charges, the largest debits from your bank account during the month. This includes energy but so much more. But because they are 'fixed', you ca n't just lower them, can you? Yes!

You can still cut back on this too. Maybe it is, because if you lower it with one effort, you will benefit from it for months to years! Therefore, read the article on saving money on fixed costs .

8. Save on subscriptions

The newspaper you never read, that one magazine that you actually no longer find interesting, that extra TV channel that you can't even find on your remote control… all ghost costs you can avoid!

Read the article Save money on subscriptions to avoid spending money on things you don't use at all. Or how you can take out the same subscription for a lower monthly amount.

9. Saving in the supermarket

You spend a lot of money unnoticed when shopping. And that is precisely where you can save a lot. Saves you at the checkout, and maybe even a few pants sizes! But how do you approach that now?

We have written an article saving money on groceries in which you get 24 smart tips. And we are sure that they work, as long as you can stick to them of course.

10. Saving money test

Do you want more tips about saving? Take our money saving test . We guide you through all the cost items of an ordinary family in NL with 15 questions and we always show you how you can reduce them.

If you want to save specifically on a certain cost item, you can also look it up on our overview page with saving tips, where all our tips are per category. Such as saving on car costs, or on living costs etc.