Structural Money Shortage at the End of Each Month? This Helps!

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short on money

It's towards the end of the month,

and you still have to go shopping

but your bank account and wallet are almost empty !

This happens to too many people in the Netherlands, every month.

So structural and chronic. That has to stop .

Therefore a blog with tips to get a little more room in your finances.

In this article:

One-time shortage of money

First about the situation where you are not constantly in need of money, but once in a while . This may be because you have had to deal with an unexpected setback, for example, such as that your washing machine is broken, your mobile phone or maybe even your car. But sitting without it is also not an option.

A solution that you can find is taking out a loan. But then you are immediately tied to a BKR registration. Borrowing money also costs you money, namely a relatively high interest rate! Still, it is an easy and effective solution. However, keep in mind that you really have to be able to pay back otherwise you will really get into trouble.

Read more about borrowing in our article borrow money quickly without BKR . In it, we explain how you can take out a small loan for a short period of time so that you can get rid of it quickly and do not pay much interest in absolute terms.

What would be even better , however, is that you have a buffer on your savings account with which you can absorb such cases. Then of course take the best savings account, with the highest interest. You can find it in our savings interest comparator . But a good buffer is quite a lot of money, so saving it is really not easy. For tips, read our more money saving tips article.

Structural shortage of money

But what if you keep running out of money? Not being able to pay your bills every month and begging your landlord for a delay, again? That is not only annoying, it is super frustrating and gives a lot of stress.

Actually, it means that you have to get started thoroughly to create more space in your financial household. Apparently, more money goes out than comes in. We have tips for you to do something about it.

Save / cut back

The most direct way to keep more money is to make sure that less goes out. In other words: lower your costs. But that sounds easier than it is doesn't it, because where do you start?

Saving money is one of the main themes of this website, and for a reason. Indeed, there are so many incredible ways you can lower your costs, only just a lot of people do not know that it really can be that simple. That is why we want to make these tips known to as many people as possible.

Take, for example, earning cashback . With this you can get up to 15% extra discount on everything you buy online, on top of the current promotions and offers! Also at the web shops where you already regularly buy something, but actually at a too high price. It's free, and you literally don't have to do anything other than register at Euroclix , the best cashback site in the Netherlands . An average Dutch household saves 1000 US dollars a year , arranged in one fell swoop.

But there is so much more to save. For example, save on your fixed costs . These seem so difficult to deal with because they are “fixed”, but nothing could be further from the truth! Take a good look at this article and you will get back hundreds of US dollars a year, while you really don't have to notice anything in the quality you get in return.

In total we have more than 10,000 US dollars in saving tips . Via the link you will find them per category on an overview page. Handy if you already know what you want to save specifically on, such as on your car costs, energy (gas and light) or housing costs.

Not sure yet? Then take our money saving test , in which we guide you through the most important cost items of a Dutch family with a few simple yes / no questions and always send you directly to the right site or institution to save on that. Arranged immediately!

Earn extra

On the other hand, you can of course also go for just bringing in more money. But how do you fix that? Asking your boss for a raise? Take a second job as a newspaper deliverer in the morning before work, or a bartender in the evenings and weekends?

No are you crazy, you can easily earn money via the internet ! Really? Yes really. Anyone can build it, without any technical knowledge about websites, without any upfront investment and without any risk or investment such as with investing or online poker / casino.

There are reliable ways to generate income. That may not seem to yield much, but it does if you read our instructions carefully. Filling in surveys for money, for example, will get you “only” 50 cents to a few US dollars per survey, but if you subscribe to several of the best paid survey sites in the Netherlands or Belgium, depending on where you live, you will simply deliver this just like that a few hundred US dollars a month.

And this applies to more methods we propose. And it can even lead to a complete income with which you can start your own business and not even need your salaried job anymore! For example, enough people have become financially independent by earning money with affiliate marketing .

And the nice thing is, you can try out all 6 ways that we propose and even use them simultaneously . Then you also earn more and you have extra variety. There is always a method that suits what you like or what you are good at.