Saving a Lot of Money on Small Things

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Saving starts with knowing where you spend your money.

Rent / mortgage, energy, fixed costs and the like that is easy to map.

But you are shocked how much money disappears into small debits from your account.

A present here, a bunch of flowers there, a visit to the chemist, the HEMA, and so on.

But you can also cut back on that, this is very simple!

In this article:

Always a discount, on everything!

It's the little things that matter ... a statement on a completely different topic, of course, but when it comes to money matters and / or saving, it applies just as well. Of course, the majority of your income is spent on things such as rent, mortgage, health insurance, gas & light and other larger expenses.

But all the little things you buy in the meantime also add up to a considerable amount. Especially since this stuff often mindlessly buys without thinking it, or the depreciation of your account do not even notice among all other transactions ...

But the good news is: you can save very well on all these things. Very simple in fact, with a concept that we call cashback earnings . This may not sound like a way of cutting back at first glance, but it is.

Cashback is a discount, in the form of money that you get back on a purchase. Hence the term “cash-back”. And with cashback you can get up to 15% back on absolutely everything you buy. It is even an extra discount, because it is another advantage on top of the existing promotions and offers. An average family immediately saves 1000 US dollars a year without actually doing anything else .

All you have to do is register for free with a good cashback site. These types of sites provide the conscious cashback discount. They do this at the web stores they work with. In many cases, these are hundreds to thousands of shops, including interesting names such as, Coolbue, Wehkamp, ​​Bonprix,, AliExpress and so on.

In other words: you probably already buy enough there, so as long as you do not sign up, you are in fact leaving free money ! Which cashback site is best for you to register? Euroclix NL / Euroclix BE , that is the very best cashback site in the Netherlands / Belgium . They are the most reliable, offer higher discounts and have even more benefits and ways to make or save money.

Why buying online is so smart

Cashback in itself is of course a reason to shop online. But there are plenty of other reasons that make online shopping cheaper than shopping in brick-and-mortar stores:

As soon as you have to go to the shopping center, it costs you time and travel costs . Maybe even parking costs. That is of course a bit of a shame. But then you are not there yet. In those stores you are bombarded from all sides with offers and packers, which unfortunately you still often fall for. Then you actually buy something that you don't need.

From behind your laptop or tablet you can often keep better control and really only stock up on your shopping list. Another advantage is that you can easily compare prices of shops next to each other. This way you can get the same for a lower price.

Nowadays, almost all good stores have free home delivery . Super easy. Often of better quality and with a longer shelf life than in the stores themselves, because it has often been there for a while and now it comes straight from the warehouse.

And now you can really buy anything via the internet nowadays. Just think of stores like But nowadays all supermarkets also deliver at home and you can also get cashback on those groceries.

Save on refueling

Of course there are still things that you can not buy online . One of the most important of these is fuel for your car, motorcycle or scooter. So gasoline, LPG or diesel. You just have to fill it up at the pump. But we have also found a way to still get cashback.

There is a special fuel card that you can request that gives you casback discount at more than 600 petrol stations throughout the Netherlands. Up to 6 cents per liter compared to the national recommended price, but always 1 cent compared to the price at the pump.

Just like with cashback shopping, you will not immediately receive the discount at checkout, but the money will be refunded afterwards. The pass is free to use and will quickly save you 50-150 US dollars while you don't actually have to do anything for this. The discount also applies to all fuels, including the premium variants.

Even more saving tips

Do you have a taste for it? Create even more room in your finances by reducing your costs in smart ways ? Which can! We have already written many articles with all kinds of tips about saving money. These will earn you 10,000 US dollars per year . But you really don't have to read all our articles for that:

All advice is ordered by category on our overview page with saving tips . Such as saving on car costs or saving on housing costs. Then you can search specifically for tips for the costs you want to reduce.

Don't you know this yet or just don't know where to start ? Don't worry, take our money saving test . Here you go through the 15 yes / no questions step by step, the most common cost items of an average family and we always show you the best ways to cut back on them. You are through it in fifteen minutes.

In all cases, we will send you directly to the website or institution where you can arrange the savings immediately . It's a shame to wait because that also costs you money. Of course all our tips are reliable and we have tried out the relevant sites and methods ourselves.