Save 10 x Money on Big Spending

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save on big expenses

Large expenses often hurt your wallet.

Think of a broken car, or a disappointing bill from the energy company.

On the other hand, they do offer the opportunity to take a big hit in terms of saving.

Because you can save much more on large amounts.

That makes good progress!

In this article:

1. Vacation, washing machine and new TV

Just a few examples of individual editions that add up a lot. And you can think of more, we think. Probably the largest debits from your account, where you often had to save for a while. It's a shame to pay too much for these kinds of things, right? That can be done differently.

Of course you can choose to buy a cheaper machine or television and to go on holiday in your own country and not to a warm country, but that is not the point now. You can get all these kinds of costs, and basically everything that you can buy over the internet, at a discount .

We call this earning cashback . And with that you get up to 15% discount at more than 2500 web shops, including many travel organizations. Free and extra discount even, on top of the existing discounts and promotions! That can save you a lot of money of course, you understand that. At shops where you already make purchases, so you are actually constantly missing out on free money .

You should read exactly how it works, but it is good to know that Euroclix NL / Euroclix BE is the best cashback site in the Benelux .

2. Fixed costs

In addition to individual amounts, you also periodically spend a lot of money. We call this fixed costs, because they come back every month. The mere fact that they are 'fixed' makes you think that it is very difficult to do something about this and to lower it, but nothing could be further from the truth .

We've written a separate article about it, Saving Money on Fixed Charges . Here we go through the most important write-offs and how you can limit them. The advantage of this is that this will continue for a longer period of time , because you not only have the savings now, but this will save you money every month.

3. Rent

Of course the biggest expenses everyone has goes to housing costs. And many of the people live in rented accommodation. The sin of renting, however, is that you have lost this money, but nothing is built up. With an owner-occupied home, it will at least be paid off after 30 years, but that does not apply to renting.

Yet you can also reduce those costs. Even if the housing association prefers to increase as much as possible every year… First of all, you can file a rental objection. You can arrange this via the legal counter.

But you can also get part of your rent back from the government, this is called rent allowance. There are many conditions for this, such as a not too high income and age, but that is by no means all. You also have to live independently with your own front door. Via you can check for free whether you are entitled to it.

4. Mortgage

If you don't have a rent, then you probably have a mortgage. Most homes in NL are therefore owner-occupied. But you have taken out a loan for thirty years, often with a fixed interest for a large part of it, can you save on that?

Yes, by transferring your mortgage to a lower interest rate. But then it must outweigh the costs / fine that you have to pay to your current provider. This is a tricky calculation by the way.

So get good advice from a recognized financial advisor. This is possible via . The first consultation (by telephone) is even completely free and without obligation , so give it a try.

5. Subscriptions

A newspaper you never read, streaming service you never use or a premium channel you never watch. A waste of your money, it usually disappears from your account unnoticed . Time to do something about it. Not necessarily to cancel it all, but you can often get this cheaper too!

Read our article on how to save money on subscriptions , in which we give you a number of tips specifically to help you. And just like saving on fixed costs, this will help you keep money in your wallet for a longer period of time!

6. TV & Internet

Today, the internet in particular has become a primary necessity of life . But that doesn't mean you have to pay the grand prize for it! Every year it pays to compare the providers and TV / internet subscriptions . And possibly with fixed telephony (all-in-one).

Do you have to switch, of course, if you can get a better price elsewhere. Is nothing difficult, they arrange everything for you. You can often switch to a cheaper version that is really no less than your current one. Usually with extra discounts and welcome gifts. Just do it.

7. Telephone

This is basically the same story, regularly compare providers of mobile telephony , anyway when your subscription ends . Then your new subscription is probably cheaper than renewing or continuing and you have a new phone.

And if your phone is still good, compare the options for SIM only subscriptions . They are much cheaper because you do not pay extra every month to pay off your new phone.

8. Health insurance

This is mandatory insurance and a good thing, because your health is the most important thing you have! But it is an expensive item every month. You can also reduce this well by comparing providers. But have this done by a specialist , because health insurance policies are complex and important products. You don't want to suddenly find out that you have to pay for your broken arm yourself ...

So do this via Zorgkiezer . They are THE specialist in this field in the Netherlands and will not only tell you who is the cheapest, but also which party can provide the best basic or additional cover that suits your life and situation.

9. Energy bill

Even such a large debit from your bill every month, and sometimes a big downer on the bill ... gas and electricity cost a lot of money. And then you also use a lot of it!

Fortunately, there are many ways to save on this. Of course it is also best to compare energy suppliers and prices here every year and especially switch if you can get better, but in our article saving money on energy you can read many more clever useful tips.

10. Car insurance

A car is an expensive hobby, not least for insurance. UnitedConsumers compares the most important providers for you AND gives you an extra discount on the premium so that you always have a good deal. Saves you a lot of money.