10 x Drastically Saving Money

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drastically save money

Perhaps something drastic has happened, or you just want to thoroughly improve your financial picture.

Either way, you want to spend a lot less, reduce costs and want to do this quickly.

This requires radical actions, which we are happy to give you a boost. And not those pointless advice where you are no longer allowed to do nice things.

Follow our tips today and you will keep a lot of money in your wallet. Maybe you can eat out an extra time.

The possible savings in total are more than $ 10,000 on an annual basis.

In this article:

1. Money back on all your online purchases

You should apply this first tip immediately , because you have actually been leaving free money your whole life! Yes, it can be that incredibly easy. If you didn't know this yet, a world will open up for you now.

What it is about? The phenomenon called cashback shopping . Basically, there are special cashback sites / programs that everyone can participate in for free . As soon as you are a member you will receive a discount at affiliated web shops. Up to 15% and in addition to the existing promotions and offers. And you don't have to do anything for that.

And don't think that you will get a discount at all vague web stores, no really at the big names also precisely such as: Bol.com, Wehkamp, ​​HEMA, AliExpress, OTTO, Bonprix, Groupon, Decathlon, Greetz, BCC, Mediamarkt, Blokker, Kleertjes .com, Body & Fit, ABOUT YOU, Hunkemöller and many more. Even on your online shopping at several large supermarkets.

It is also very simple, because you can shop normally at your favorite web stores, but you do not have to surf directly to that site, but do this via a special link from the cashback site. No more, then your purchase will be registered and you will receive your cashback discount. You get it back via the cashback site, by the way, not directly at checkout.

The better sites also just have a toolbar that you can install with which this even goes automatically. That is quite handy, because then you can A) no longer forget to get your cashback via that link, and B) you do not have to remember thousands of web shops where you are all entitled to an extra discount.

So what are the better cashback sites ? The best in the Netherlands is Euroclix NL or if you live in Belgium Euroclix BE . They have good discounts at many interesting web stores. Moreover, they have even more advantages such as cashback when you switch to a cheaper energy supplier or provider of internet, TV, telephony and also mobile telephony. But you can also earn extra money by completing surveys and reading emails.

2. Discount with every refueling

Unfortunately, something you cannot buy online, and therefore not with cashback, is fuel such as petrol, diesel and LPG. At least you would think , but you can also get a discount in the form of cashback. Up to 6 cents per liter at more than 600 petrol stations throughout the Netherlands.

You can request this fuel card for this. It gives you that discount on all fuels, including the premium variants. And at least 1 cent per liter, but up to 6 cents compared to the national retail price. So it always saves you money.

3. Save on your car insurance

Gasoline costs a lot of money, but there are more expenses on your car that are expensive. And one of them is definitely car insurance. And that can often be cheaper, but then you have to compare providers. You can ask for help from UnitedConsumers . They compare the most important providers for you and give you an extra discount of 5% when you take out

4. Live cheaper

By far the highest depreciation on your account every month is spent on housing costs. You know that too. But did you know that you can also print them relatively easily? Of course it differs whether you rent or have a home with a mortgage.

You can refinance a mortgage at a lower interest rate. Then you have to take many things into account, such as your fixed-rate period and the term of your current mortgage. And of course the interest and possible fines in the contract. So call in a financial advisor for this via Hypotheekoversluiten.com , the first telephone consultation is free and then you know whether recruiting may be an option for you.

Rent can be difficult to lower, or you have to become close friends with your landlord ... In any case, you can always object to the amount of rent increase every year. But you can also apply for housing benefit. Here you must meet conditions regarding your age, living situation, amount of rent and income, but then you can also just get back over 4000 US dollars per year. You can have it checked for free if you are entitled to it via huurtoeslag.nl

5. Cheaper mobile calls

Who can still do without his / her mobile phone these days? But that doesn't mean you have to pay too much for it! Therefore, compare mobile phone plans to get the best deal.

Do you have a phone that is still good? Then it is smart to take out a SIM only subscription, because then you often pay many times less per month. Again, be sure to compare sim only prices to find the best package / provider for you.

6. Cheapest internet and TV

Internet and television (possibly with a landline telephone) are also a basic need, right? But here too the prices differ enormously. Especially if you use additional channel packages or want faster internet. Compare internet and TV to pay the lowest price for the package that suits you.

Pay less for your health insurance

Your health insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands. Of course a good thing, but it also costs you quite a bit of money. Here you can also compare providers, but because the policy conditions are quite complicated and it does concern your health, we recommend that you do this via Zorgkiezer . They are specialists in this area and also give you an extra 20% discount .

8. Find the best deal on gas & light

There are plenty of energy companies in the Netherlands and they compete strongly on price. This means that you can often take out a much lower rate when you switch. So start comparing energy prices immediately and switch for that better deal. Saves you a lot of money.

9. Reduce energy consumption

But only a lower price is only part of the savings. There are also many ways to reduce your consumption yourself. Without having to notice. You don't have to sit in the cold and you can still shower every day. You also don't have to sit in the dark at night and you can just turn on the TV if you want.

Just read our article saving money on energy . Here we contribute several ways with which you can work. From very simple to (small) investments in your home to make it more energy efficient. You will earn it back in no time.

10. Don't forget the groceries!

We said you have to keep life fun. So you shouldn't live on bread and water, that's nonsense. But there are many ways to save money smartly on grocery shopping .