10 x Extreme Savings

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extremely saving

You don't just make extreme cutbacks.

Maybe you just want to have more money, or you have a structural shortage of money at the end of the month?

Or maybe you just want to change your lifestyle and have found yourself mindlessly spending your hard-earned money on meaningless things?

What the underlying reason is does not matter, these tips will at least help you to do something about it!

And no, this does not mean that you have to live on bread and water :-)

In this article:

1. Cashback on everything!

Cashback means that you get money back on your purchase. Now you may know that with a promotion you get a few bucks back when you buy a new vacuum cleaner or refrigerator, and energy suppliers also sometimes do this when you switch to them. But you can even get cashback on everything you buy ...

And that is super simple too, really if you did not know this, a world is now opening up for you: via special cashback sites you can get up to 15% back on all your purchases at thousands of online stores. Free and for nothing, this is even on top of all applicable promotions and discounts.

Can you imagine how much you care if you always get a few percent extra discount at Bol.com, Coolbue, HEMA.nl, GROUPON, Wehkamp, ​​Bonprix, OTTO, AliExpress and many more of these kinds of stores where you have probably been are a customer… for an average family in a minute already 1000 US dollars without you having to do anything.

You can read how it works in our article earn / save money with cashback . You will be surprised how easy it is and you turn your head for you this only now reads. But start right away today!

2. Lower housing costs

One of the biggest costs of a household is actually always the costs for the rent or mortgage. And although it seems that you are stuck with this, nothing could be further from the truth:

For your rent you can receive a supplement from the government if you meet a number of conditions regarding income, age and your house itself. Have a free check on huurtoeslag.nl whether you are entitled to this. This can even be done retroactively! And with more than 4,000 US dollars in return per year, you can potentially make extreme savings.

You can cut back on a mortgage by transferring it to a lower interest rate, because it is now historically low. But this is a difficult financial decision because the profit from the better interest must outweigh any fines from your current provider. So let us advise you . Through hypotheekoversluiten.com you can schedule a free phone consultation.

3. Drive cheaper

Remember we talked about cashback before? Well you can get that on your gasoline too. And also if you drive on diesel or LPG. With the fuel card from UnitedConsumers you get a discount of up to 6 cents per liter, also on premium fuels, at more than 600 filling stations throughout the Netherlands.

And even better, you can also take out cheap car insurance with them where you get an extra discount from them on the cheapest prices. That is a collective discount.

4. Use your mobile phone for longer

Your mobile phone, you may not be able to live without it, but you probably also spend too much money on it. The best way to cut back considerably on this is to go for a subscription that does not include a new phone. That's called Sim Only. Compare the best Sim Only prices here .

That means that you do not buy a new phone, so you spend tens of US dollars less on your subscription every month. If you do want a new mobile phone, or if your old one really needs replacing, compare mobile subscriptions to pay the lowest possible price for it.

5. Internet and TV for less money

Many people have been with the same company for internet and television for years, possibly including fixed telephony (all-in-one). But in the meantime, many new competitors have emerged that offer just as good a service for a much lower price .

Compare internet and TV providers and switch if you can get a lower price, because that can save you a lot of money while you don't notice anything at all in the quality.

6. Your energy bill can be much lower

Also a major expense. Here it is certainly worthwhile to compare energy prices and always switch to a cheaper supplier, because prices have fallen considerably in recent years.

But you can do more. Take a shorter shower, put on a sweater and turn the heating down and more tips like this. But what is also smart is to make your home more energy-efficient with small adjustments. Read many more tips in our article saving money on energy .

7. Switching from health insurer

Everyone in the Netherlands is required to have health insurance. That is very good, because it is indirectly about your health . But that doesn't mean you have to pay the top prize for it. On the other hand, you should not only want to go for the lowest price, because then you may not be well covered if something happens.

Therefore, compare health insurance policies via Zorgkiezer , they are specialists in this field. Take a good look at what you need from your insurer, such as additional insurance.

You can also receive a supplement on your health insurance, depending on a number of conditions. Have a free check at Zorgoeslag.nl to see if you can get this. This may save you up to 1000 US dollars per year.

8. Don't eat your money (groceries)

You know, after work you go to the supermarket, where you buy too many (goodies) and therefore eat too much. Not only does your money sit on your hips or stomach instead of in your wallet, but you also spend money on the gym or running shoes to get it off again… a shame!

Read our article on how to save money on groceries . You notice that not only on your (savings) account, but also on the scales ...

9. Saving money test

Those are many tips, but far from all our advice! But there are so many that we have made it clear for you because otherwise you will keep clicking through our site. Not that this is not worth it with over 10,000 US dollars in saving tips. But in our money saving test , all tips are clearly arranged below each other, so you don't have to search!

10. Making money instead of spending it

If people have nothing to do, they often consume unnoticed, or in other words: spend money . They raid the fridge, film on demand, go for a drive, whatever. This while you can also turn this around very well in your spare time and earn a little extra!

Earning money through the internet is super simple and you don't need anything for it. Find out which methods are reliable and can benefit you today . No investment, no risk as with investing, no knowledge required.