10 x Extremely Cheap Living (Low Budget)

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In our blog we write a lot about saving and cutting back.

They give you an extremely large number of tools to organize your life more cheaply .

Often even without having to sacrifice much for it.

You can also get many things super cheap without noticing the difference in quality.

And being a little thrifty with your things also helps.

In this article:

1. Always a discount at your favorite web shops

Uhh, how is that possible that extra discount? Well that's just cashback shopping . That's what we call it in any case. It means that you can become a member via special cashback sites and then always get up to 15% back on all your purchases at thousands of online stores. In addition to the current promotions and offers.

And participation is free . Sounds too good to be true? We're not even done yet… because you also get that discount at the best shops such as Bol.com, HEMA.nl, Wehkamp, ​​Groupon, AliExpress, Bonprix, Prenatal and so on. Saves you about 1000 US dollars a year without doing anything.

2. Do your shopping as cheaply as possible

Food and drink are typically an expense that you yourself have a major influence on. You decide what to put in your basket, nobody else. And that you regret afterwards when you see what all rolls over the tire, or what the scales tell you, is really only your fault.

That's why we've written a separate article about saving money on groceries . These are so many tips that we cannot fit them all into this post.

3. Cheap mobile calls

The smartphone, for many people, seems glued to their hand. It has now become a necessity of life. But what's so bad is that the prices people pay for it are very different. For example, take a somewhat cheaper subscription with less in your bundle, and make sure that you are on the WiFi more often. Saves a lot.

But what you should do is compare mobile subscriptions and switch to the cheapest supplier. That saves hundreds of US dollars . And it saves a lot more if you use your current mobile a little longer and take out a subscription without a new phone. Just have a look at the Sim Only price comparison .

People often pay 30, 40 or 50 US dollars a month, while you can get by for less than 10 US dollars.

4. Cheap TV and internet

The same applies to your internet and television, possibly with fixed telephony (all-in-one). Nowadays there are enough budget fighters who also provide you with excellent quality for much lower prices. Compare the internet and TV prices with your current provider.

That's scary, isn't it? Quickly saves $ 250 . Well, switching immediately is no problem because they all have a switching service that takes care of everything. Or do you actually never watch TV again? Then cancel that trade!

5. Cheap light and gas

Yes, comparing energy suppliers on price (and switching every so often) also yields a lot of profit . Just 400 US dollars on an annual basis. But energy is just a bit more complicated. Because you also decide how much of it you use.

There are plenty of ways to use less electricity and gas. And that is in your own behavior , but also in the sustainability of your home in which you can invest smartly. Does not necessarily cost a lot of money, but it delivers all the more. Think of solar panels, but also small adjustments such as nevertheless strips, radiator foil and economical taps.

It only costs you ten euros and without doing anything it will yield hundreds of US dollars and a more pleasant climate in your home. Read more on our page saving money on energy .

6. Cheap health insurance

You can guess by now, right? Yes, you also have to compare health insurers regularly, actually every year , on price and switch for a better deal. But things are slightly different here. Because this compulsory insurance in the Netherlands is very important for your health!

You do want to be properly insured if something unexpected happens. So compare health insurance policies and policies via Zorgkiezer.nl. This is a specialist and not only ensures that you get the best price, but also for the good cover that suits you.

That's quite something to think about. Do you need extra dental care or extra physiotherapy? Do you use expensive medication, or is a higher deductible or student insurance enough for you? In other words: take the time for this.

Another tip: do you have a low income? Then you may be able to receive healthcare benefits. This can amount to 1000 US dollars per year, so check for free whether you are entitled to it via Zorgoeslag.nl. This is often also possible for the previous year!

7. Cheap car insurance

A car costs enough money, but you cannot abolish road tax and that your car will automatically become worth less. What you can do something about is insurance. Because that also costs you a lot.

Compare prices again? Yes, we certainly recommend it here. But then through UnitedConsumers , because as a consumer collective they have negotiated extra good prices and give you an extra discount of 5% or sometimes 10%. That saves 150 $ !

8. Cheap mortgage

Buy a house? Then carefully compare the mortgage providers because a lower interest rate ensures that you lower your costs for the next 30 years ! And do you already have a mortgage? Then a refinancing might be a very good idea now that interest rates are so low. But that is a complicated financial calculation.

Fortunately, you can have hypotheekoversluiten.com get a free phone consultation, you know if you are doing well and they arrange it for you.

9. Cheap driving / refueling

Having a car is expensive, but even more so every mile you drive because the fuel gauge is running backwards . But with this fuel card you always get a discount of up to 6 cents per liter or all fuels at up to 600 petrol stations throughout the Netherlands.

That is petrol, diesel and LPG, and even all premium variants thereof. And very nice: the pass will cost you nothing as long as you use it. But it just earns you 50 $ or more if you drive often.

10. Consumption less

Let's face it: we don't really need everything we buy. And we don't mean that from now on you should only start living on bread and water and never do anything fun again.

But we should consider the amount of food we waste more often, things we throw away that are actually fine and even products that we buy for convenience that we do not need (or with a little bit of research perhaps for a much lower price elsewhere?).

Do you really need new cushions on the couch in a new color because the fashion is different according to that one magazine that you actually never read? And do you really have to buy all new clothes that are hip now and throw away your old clothes that are still fine? No!

Take a little longer with your things, that is better for your wallet and certainly also for the environment. You may have more to buy something nice for yourself, because you also have to keep life fun. If you don't, you won't be able to live sparingly.