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Personal Testimonies
The Power of His Mighty Hand
This is my personal story of how God protected me, as a young man, from very serious injury or death. It is my prayer, that sharing my story with you, will serve to strengthen your faith in Him.

The old car I drove was not in the best of shape. As a teen-aged boy, I kept it up the best I could, but I was not a mechanic, and I had little experience with cars. The current problem was that the muffler had come loose again. Though I kind of liked the sound the car made, as I drove it through the neighborhood, I knew it had to be fixed.

I was at an age when I tried to be independent. In other words, I thought I could take care of things myself. So, rather than ask my dad to help me, I decided to tackle the problem myself. I invited a friend over after school, and we undertook to reattach the muffler that hung loose under the car. I drove the car onto our graveled driveway and scotched the back wheels. Then I placed a bumper jack under the front bumper and raised the car enough for my friend and I to squeeze underneath.

We both wiggled under the car lying on our backs, and began wiring up the muffler with some hay baling wire. Everyone knows, of course, that baling wire can fix almost anything.

To position the muffler back where it was supposed to be, we had to put some lateral (sideways) pressure on it. Just as we had it in position and were about to wire it into place, the jack at the front of the car began to lean, and in a split second, the car came crashing down on top of us. It took us a few seconds to realize what had happened, and then the panic set in. I asked my friend if he was OK. He said that he was, but that the frame of the car was resting on his chest. The same frame had caught my head and pinned it sideways against the hard gravel of the driveway. As I look back on this situation, I thank God that my head had been turned sideways to look toward the falling jack, when I heard it start to move. Had I been looking straight up, I am sure my head would have been crushed.

At the time of the accident though, I had difficulty seeing myself as fortunate. As we both reassured each other that we were OK I realized that each time my friend exhaled, the pressure on my head increased, and was almost unbearable. I remember saying something like, "Quit breathing, you are squashing my head!". As my friend tried to shift his body to alleviate some presure on me, we realized that we were both trapped, and would not be able to escape this situation by ourselves. We began to call for help, and by God's grace, my daddy was in the house, and he heard us calling. He came bursting from the house, and realizing our situation, he grabbed the front car bumper with his strong right arm and lifted it enough to relieve the pressure on my head and my friend's chest. Keeping upward pressure on the bumper, he replaced the bumper jack with his left hand and soon had the car lifted off us.

After a brief visit to the emergency room at the local hospital, my friend and I were pronounced healthy and very lucky (blessed!). My bloody ear had small gravel imbedded in it, but there was no permanent damage done. (I suppose that statement is somewhat debatable, depending on who you talk to. I'm sure some people say I have been somewhat "cracked" since that incident.)

As I look back on the entire accident, and the events leading up to it, many thoughts flood my mind. Had I asked my father to help me at the first, he would have had the proper and safe solution to the problem. How often do we set out to solve our own problems without asking our Heavenly Father to help us. God stands ready to help us with any problem we might have, but we often are too stubborn or independent to ask His help. As in this situation, we often wait until our situation is hopeless, before we call on Him.

What a wonderful joy it is to know that God is ready and willing to help us with all our daily problems and cares, no matter how small or how big. What a difficult lesson it is to learn to depend on Him for all our daily needs. What a joy it is to feel the Power of His Mighty Hand, as he lifts our burdens and worries from us!

Here because of Him,
Dr. Mike Hinze
A Pony Ride to Remember

As an adult, I enjoy recounting the times that God gave his angels charge over me as a child and kept me in his loving arms through many accidents. As a five year old child, I had very little "horse sense", but I was eager to learn, and my Daddy was eager to teach me. I went with him at every opportunity, and we always seemed to have an adventure.

On this particular day, we drove a few miles from the small town where we lived, to a small pasture where my Daddy was in charge of taking care of some cattle. We went to the barn and adjoining pens, and Daddy saddled up old "Amigo". He carefully placed me up in the saddle and then climbed up behind me.

We had done this many times before, and I knew the routine well. "Hold onto the saddle horn", he always told me. To a five year old sitting atop a full sized horse, the ground seemed a very long way off, so I had no reservations about holding tightly to the saddle horn. I was always reassured by the tender but strong right arm of my Daddy that reached around me, as he held the reins in his left hand.

We left the pens and rode into the pasture to count and check the cattle. On our first round, we came up a few cows short, so we started around to take another count. At this point the horse had other ideas, and wanted to return to the barn. I really didn't know what was happening as the horse reared on her hind legs, but I felt suddenly alone as Daddy slid off the rear of the horse, and was waiting to catch me there. I remembered my instructions: "Hold onto the saddle horn", and so I did.

The only visible means of control, the reins, had fallen to the ground and there I was holding onto the saddle horn of a loose and frantic mare. She began a fast trot back to the barn, and without the safety of my Father's arms, I was soon shook loose and fell tummy first directly into a large patch of cactus. The force of the impact with the ground, knocked the breath out of me, and caused me to lose one of my boots. I was unconscious for a time, and when I awoke, we were in the truck on the way to the hospital. My first words, as I began to survery my situation were, "Where is my boot?"

I didn't realize it then, but God had given his angels charge over me that day, and though the loving arms of my earthly father had been pulled away from me by the circumstances, my Heavenly Father had entwined me with His loving arms, and was protecting me from serious injury.

A friendly nurse helped my dad pick cactus from my stomach, and after a few days of soreness, I was none the worse for wear.

On many occasions since that day, God has intervened to protect his child from serious injury. My early years were filled with accidents, that could have been major, were it not for His protection.

What a privildge it is to know that the circumstances of this life cannot pull us away from the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. Some years later when I came to know Him as my personal Savior, I also came to realize how He had been with me that day, and how He has been with me constantly since the day I gave my heart to Him.

Prayer for Salvation
If you are serious about wanting to ask Christ to be your Savior, you can read the Sinner's Prayer below, meaning what you are saying, and Christ will come into your heart and life as Savior and Lord:

Dearest Lord, I come before you, admitting that I am a sinner. I know that I have sinned against you, and that your word tells us that the wages of sin is death. I believe that you sent your only Son to die in my place, that I might have everlasting life by believing in Him as my Lord and Savior, and my only way to Salvation. Because of my belief, I ask right now, that Jesus Christ come into my heart, and into my life as Savior and Lord. I thank you. In Christ's name I pray. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer in earnest to the Lord, you can be assured that He has heard your prayer, and that Jesus Christ is indeed your Savior. The Bible tells us that whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Just as the Lord is very real, Satan is also very real. He (Satan), will attempt to trip you up in any way he can. He will tell you that you are not really saved, and that God is not real. I would encourage you as a new Christian to read your Bible, and pray that God will bind Satan from your life. I would also encourage you to become involved with an evangelical, Bible believing Church. His word teaches us that as Christians we are to "forsake not the assembling of ourselves together". We are to meet together regularly for worship and to encourage each other in the Lord.

If you have prayed this prayer in earnest, you can also know that the angels in heaven are rejoicing because of your commitment to follow Christ. May God Bless You.

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