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Family Dentistry  |  Dr. Michael R. Hinze, DDS  |  111 West 4th St.  |  Hale Center, TX  |  806.839.2484
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Old Meets the New
Our office has a bit of a Western theme, that seems to fit our area of West Texas.  The old wagon wheel shown here was stored for years in an old barn by Dr. Hinze's mother. The picture depicts the "Old meeting the new", as the wagon wheel stands next to a dental Panoramic X-ray machine.  This modern equipment helps us to accurately diagnose your dental health. Come by to see our collection of old west and American Indian memorabilia.

The Coffee Corner
During the winter months, we always keep the coffee hot for our patients and friends. Dr. Hinze collects coffee cans, and has a portion of his collection on display in the "Coffee Corner."  Many thanks to our patients who have brought in an unusual coffee can for our collection.  We have a comfortable reception area, with reading material and television to entertain you there. We also have free WiFi for our patients and families. We work very hard to stay on schedule, and really strive to keep you from experiencing an extended wait.

Our Business Office
Our office is computerized, which makes it easier for us to keep accurate records of treatment, both proposed, and completed.  We also track insurance benefits and claims.  Our software is able to generate completed insurance forms from "plain paper", so our patients do not have to "keep up" with their own forms.  We are able to accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express, and we can arrange for 0% interest, 12 month financing, with approved credit.  Why not call us at 806-839-2484 for your next dental appointment.

Our Newest Equipment
...features a state-of-the-art patient chair with a gentle back massager.  Dr. Hinze utilizes magnification equipment to ensure accurate and complete care for each patient seen.

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